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Regrow hair with ProvillusThere’s a widespread opinion that natural hair loss treatments are not very effective if you want to stop hair loss and promote hair regrowth as soon as possible. People tend to believe that products of natural origin are not as strong as drugs and in most cases they are right. But there is an exception here.

I would like to draw you attention to the natural hair loss product called Provillus. It’s a rather new hair loss remedy that has proven to be as effective as drugs. Moreover, comparing to medications it has no side effects, i.e. it is 100% safe. Click here to visit Provillus site.

It’s well-known that hormones are one of the most common hair loss causes, precisely the male hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) that can be present in both men and women. It influences adversely the productive function of follicles making your hair gradually become thinner and eventually drop out. Another common cause of hair loss is the lack of essential nutrients that are needed for normal hair growth.

Provillus is a natural hair loss treatment that, on the one hand, reduces the level of DHT in the body and, on the other hand, gives your hair all necessary nutrients to keep it in good condition and make it look healthy. It revitalizes hair follicles and stimulate your hair growth. According to the online consumer poll the majority of people who tried this natural hair loss product reported positive results in just a few weeks.

No wonder, just take a look at the ingredients – there are more than 10 of them in just one pill. Among them are: saw palmetto, nettle root, zinc, magnesium, B-complex vitamins including biotin, pumpkin seed extract, eleuthero, uva-ursi, and many others. It’s needless to say that all these components are essential for creating the proper environment for healthy hair growth.

All this makes Provillus one of the most effective and, what’s no less important, safe hair loss treatments available. It is formulated for both men and women and is available over the counter. Click here for Provillus.

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99 thoughts on “The Most Effective Natural Hair Loss Treatment

  1. who use this product?? please tell me about what happened after using ? is it really effective to grow back ??

  2. i want to know can you use Provillus without see in a doctors approval. and if so does this help regrow hair from receding hair line as well as frontal baldness.

  3. Please mail me a order form. So that i can send a
    Money order for this product. Thank you….
    5005 Losee Rd. #3073
    N. Las Vegas NV 89081

  4. I’m a brain cancer survivor and had many years of radiation treatments from 02′, 04′, and 06′ and am left with a large bald spot in the back center of my head. I’m curious to know if this product can actually help regrow my lost hair?

  5. Wow. Nice information you have here. I hope you can elaborate more. If you can tell me more about it, it would be nice.


  6. I am suffering from the hair loss for quite long time. I just want to know that Provillus will only stop my hair falling or help in regrowth also?

  7. Hi, i m 25 year old man, i got hair fall problem since last 1.5 year…, but now i want to know what happanig with my hair… ane need to check, what i have to do please tell..

  8. I am 25 yrs old male I lost my hair at very early age of 23 years and went bald from the upper crown of my head. one of my friends recommend me to use provillus and herbal shampoo together. I found instant results now I am using and also recommend natural hair loss products..

  9. Hi everyone! I recently stumbled across an article that I thought was really encouraging for people going thru the same stuff like me. I can’t remember exactly what the article was but it had an encouraging video about a 26 yr old lady who was experiencing a lot of hair loss and didn’t know how to stop it but kept on searching the proper treatment. She was just like me and the hope I received was upbuilding. I just thought I’d share!

  10. I am 27 years old i’ve been starting losing hairs since a 1 and 1/2 ago. I am mostly lossing this hair on front, just on top, and it gradualy decreasing..I really like all those comment, and will like to try this product. However there two question already ask earlier by other observators, i would like to know the answers.
    -the question that has been repeatedly asked but not answered <>
    -are there any side effects of taking this product we need to know??

  11. Francis,

    About 90% of people experiencing hair loss both in front and on the back of the head have been satisfied with Provillus’s effect. As a matter of fact, it helps regrow hair averagely within 6 months of use.

    As for side-effects, Provillus rarely causes any if taken properly. You will want to learn more about it here.

  12. Whenever I used to take a shower, after washing my hair my hands were full of hair, like 15-20 strands. The floor in my flat was full of my hair, quite embarrasing. I noticed a few months ago that a receding hairline began. I love my hair and never want to lose it. So I did research and bought Provillus. I’ve been using it for 2-3 months now and when I wash my hair, I only maybe get 1 or 2 strands of hair on my hands now. Not sure if the lost hair will grow back, but it definately has prevented further receding. Thanks Provillus

  13. Been struggling for years looking for a kind of treatment in my hair loss. Guess I would like to try this one hopefully it will work out

  14. I wanted to order for the free trial treatment but couldn’t find Nigeria on your mailing list.

  15. Magnus N,

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to ship the product to Nigeria at the moment.

  16. Hi i am using provillus. I just wanted to make sure weather the pills and the topical solution both work for the receding hair line. I just have a receding hair line

  17. ive been using provillus for 4 days, since im kinda losing hair on the front of my head more likely on temples. i think i can see some result, because i noticed that some small hairs sprouting out of my scalp where it used to be bald. i really hope provillus will really work for me.. since im only 26 and there is no way i want to be bald at this age or even in the next 10 years! give provillus a try.. its worth it!

  18. oh by the way, im using the pill and also the topical twice a day in the morning around 9, i take 2 pills then i use the topical on the bald spot then at around 11pm (topical only) im also using nioxin shampoo, follicle booster and the scalp threatment once a day! good luck guys!

  19. I just ordered provillus and the leaflet that comes with the package says that this product is not intended for receding hair lines. Are there different provillus products for vertex balding and frontal balding?

  20. tony sary,

    There are only two formulations of Provillus – for men and for women.
    I understand why you are confused. There are so many different experiences, testimonials and reviews of this product and they may sound pretty controversial. And yes, some report it works with receding hair lines…
    I think, if you have already bought Provillus, the best way is just to try it yourself. I really hope you will be satisfied with the results.
    And you are always welcome to share any of your experience here – I think lots of the visitors will appreciate it.


  21. i bought provillus from this site. I’ve been using it for 2 months and a week. After this time I’m very satisfied with what is happening. My hair became something to touch to. I really like the effect, thanks!

  22. You can learn about the prices and package options, as well as order Provillus directly from the manufacturer here.

  23. Just a suggestion. You should post up some before and after shots of some happy customers.

  24. One bottle contains 60 capsules and it is a one-month supply if taken as suggested (2 capsules a day). Though, the dosage may vary depending on your condition, but always take a professional medical advice first.

  25. If you have just undergone hair transplant surgery, and are already on a program of propecia and minoxidil, can one still take (or should one take) provillus for better results? And why is it not FDA approved (and does that matter, since both propecia and minoxidil are FDA approved). Have you any comments on laser light therapy for hair loss preventions and hair re-growth?


  26. One can take Provillus to achieve better results after hair transplant surgery. Even if you’re already taking Propecia or/and Minoxidil, Provillus can boost hair regrowth as well. But please consult your doctor on the subject of taking all treatments mentioned together.

    Provillus contains FDA approved ingredients but it is a nutritional supplement. FDA “doesn’t have an approval process” for any nutritional supplements (only prescription medications). I think it doesn’t make Provillus worse anyways.

  27. I’ve been using Provillus for 4 months and I’m very pleased with the results. I agree it’s one of the best natural treatments for hair loss.

  28. it would be appreciated if anyone answer my following questions:
    How long do I need to continue using of Provillus (whole life)?
    what would happen to new hair if I don’t continue using of provillus? will I miss new hair ?
    or how long is the maximum period of using the Provillus?

  29. Would it be more effective if you use a good hair loss shampoo together with Provillus? What shampoo will you recommend?

  30. really good informative articles are posted for the visitors………….
    i am also loosing most hair now a days so please suggest me………only using provillus product will help me or any other natural therapy can also work….

  31. There’s no universal hair loss treatment that is equally effective for everybody. Successful hair restoration really depends upon your case – so you should first of all find the real cause of your hair loss and only then pick up some treatment that will suit you.

    As for Provillus, it is intended for both men and women who lose their hair because of high DHT and lack of essential nutrients. These two account for the majority of hair loss cases.

    As far as I know, Provillus is considered to be one of the most effective natural treatments for hair loss. However, there are several other remedies to regrow your hair which target the same set of causes and have a similar effect. You will find some of them in the reviews section in the sidebar of this site.

    Good luck!

  32. Of all hair loss treatments that I’ve tried Provillus seems to have the best balance between effectiveness and safety. I’ve been taking it for 7 weeks already and my hair has become significantly stronger and thicker. I haven’t spotted any side effects so far..

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