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“After travelling to the sea my hair loses its healthy state and attraction for a long time. It becomes thin, fragile and disobedient. I can’t arrange it even with hair sprays. And the worst thing is that I start losing hair and it lasts long enough to get frustrated.”

A supernutritious hair mask will surely be of great help for your hair overdried by the Sun and damaged by ultraviolet rays and salty water. Reduce a fleshy aloe leaf to peices, mix it with a tablespoon of honey, the same amount of castor oil and one yolk. Add a teaspoon of cognac to the mix. It is necessary apply this masque weekly before washing your hair. Keep it on your head for not less than one hour and a half, having wrapped a towel or a napkin around it and put a warm hat.

In autumn it is very useful to rinse your brittle hair with beer mixed half-and-half with boiled water.Use shampoos with almond or nut oil, nettle or burdock extract for hair that looks dry and lifeless.

And never use hair sprays on thinning hair. The hardened spray makes numerous breaks on hair what eventually leads to drastic hair loss.

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