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“My hair splits heavily in fall. I heard, there are many special treatments to restore splitting ends. How to chose the most suitable and effective ones among this variety of hair restoration treatments, cures and remedies?”

It is impossible to restore hair ends that are already splitted. But you can make it unnoticeable by means of special gels for hair arranging. It works as though you stick together parts of splitting ends. Sounds quite good but always remember – such effect will last only until the next hair washing.

The only proved and the most effective way to restore your hair is to have splitting ends cut. Having cut your damaged hair ends, try to take a special care of your hair.

Never wash hair inclined to fragility and splitting with concentrated shampoos. Dissolve a little shampoo with water (better mineral or boiled) and put it on your scalp and hair with circular movements of your your fingers.

It is necessary to wash (or at least to rinse) weak and splitting hair with boiled water, bacause chlorinated tap water dries hair along the full length what makes the situation much worse.

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One thought on “Splitting ends and hair restoration in fall

  1. lot of hair fall in my head but front side only the hair to regrowth and stop the hair loss.

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