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“My hair is losing its natural shine in autumn. Will rinsing with ice-cold water bring back lustre to my hair after summer holidays?”

The modern point of view about the favourable effect of ice-cold water on hair is absolutely erroneous. Low temperature causes harm to hair. It hinders activity of vessels that bring nutrients to hair bulbs. If you really want to regrow your hair it would be much better to use room temperature decoction of green tea, nettle and sage. These components will give your hair a silvery shine.

To prepare the decoction you need two teaspoons of green tea, two tablespoons of dried up nettle and sage. Put them in the kettle, add fiercely boiling water, bring the decoction up to the second boiling and draw it for at least an hour. Then filter it and add one and a half litre of boiled water. Pour the decoction into the basin and rinse your hair in it.

To achieve a greater effect you can blot your wet hair with a piece of natural silk and to wrap a soft silk scarf around your head. Please keep in mind that because of often washing your hair lose its natural humidity and, consequently, its shine. Also add edible gelatin to your diet. It will help you prevent hair loss, regrow your hair and, of cource, return natural lustre to your hair. Edible gelatin is contained in such meals as galantine, aspic, mousse, jelly, kissel, etc.

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5 thoughts on “Silk and gelatine to regrow your hair in autumn

  1. I have straight perm hair and the nape and temple, and sides have dropped out due to braiding I tried lots of products but still no regrowth has been taking place.

  2. Why not giving some rest to your scalp and hair first? Especially if you resolved to some strong treatments (drugs, etc.) and to many of them? Well, this whole site is about natural/herbal/alternative hair loss remedies and treatments and I would definitely suggest you reading more of posts from here and try those methods that are described. And please remember – natural hair regrowth is a long-term process and there is no “quick fix”. Be patient and persistent and careful with your hair.

  3. This is a very unique and amazing tip for shiny hair. I think I should give it try. Thanks!

  4. You have got all kind of solutions for all kind of hair problems. That’s why I like to visit your blog again and again.

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