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“My hair grows very quickly in summer. Probably, it feels good when it’s hot. But in autumn it stops growing at all and becomes lifeless and fragile. But the worst thing is that it drops out quite heavily. My friend advises me to make a short hair-do. She says that after that hair grows faster and thicker. It is true? Is it really possible to regrow hair by doing that?”

The average monthly hair growth is 8-13 mm. In summer hair growth is increase, but not because “it feels good when it’s hot”. It happens because all hormonal processes of the organism are accelerated in the summer.

In the end of summer and in the beginning of autumn loss of hair usually increases to this or that extend. Among the possible reasons are the unfavourable effect of sea water on your hair, harmful ultra-violet rays and daily washing of hair which is often done by many squeamish ladies. If normal loss of hair makes from 40 up to 70 hairs, in autumn these numbers are different – from 70 up to 120 hairs a day.

If experience severe autumnal hair loss and your precious hair falls down like dry leaves from the treas, then it would be reasonable to make a short hair-do or at least cut a couple of inches of your hair. Quite natural, it will be easier for your damaged bulbs to keep and nourish shorter hair. And hair, which growth was hampered because of weakened bulbs will really grow faster and better. And even in case your hair follicles are allright and successfully sirvived through summer hazards, by cutting your weak, overdried and splitting end you will make your hair look a bit more healthy and tidy.

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