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Combing one’s hair can definitely be an effective assistant while treating the problem of hair loss. Therefore, if you want to regrow hair and make it strong and healthy you should learn to comb it properly.
First, let’s speak of the choice of combs. Naturally, each family member should have a separate one for his or her own use. The comb-teeth should be blunt and smooth. If they are sharp you can scratch and hurt your scalp. Don’t use metal combs with thick teeth as they tear and break hair. Combs with blunt and smooth teeth a preferable also from a hygienic point of view as they can be cleaned easily.
You can also use a brush. The brush-bristle should be rigid enough but at the same time it should not hurt your skin. For the best result you can use two types of brushes: one with a quite rigid bristle to remove dirt and dandruff and stimulate your head-skin; the other with a rather soft bristle to make your hair even and lustrous.
Now let’s turn to the process itself. The most important thing here is to make blood freely flow and circulate in the scalp. It cleans hair bulbs, feeds and revitalizes them. For this purpose you should stand up with legs widely separated, knees slightly bended, the body a bit tilted to make your head lower the heart level. Comb your hair leading the comb or the brush from the scalp to the tips of your hair to clean the head-skin from dirt and dandruff and remove dead hair. Careful twitching will help to stimulate and relax the scalp. Long and thick hair should be patiently combed little by little, strand by strand.
Follow this simple tips if you want to strive against hair loss and regrow hair. It is not a quick fix, of course, but in course of time the result will be evident, for sure.

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14 thoughts on “Regrow hair with a comb and brush

  1. Some of these tips are confusing especially of with the brushing, Some pictures of the different type of brushes to use would help, and some step by step pictures of the processes

  2. Why confusing? So few men know how to comb and brush hair properly. And so many are bald. Of course, if the cause for hair loss lies within some inner dosorder or imbalance, those tips will be of no help. Hair loss treatment should be complex, and I told you about it in the previous posts. Anyway, a comb and a brush used properly won’t do you and your hair harm.
    As for pictures of different types of combs and brushes, as well as, those of the step-by-step process, I hope I will post them soon in the next posts.

  3. This is a big fat lie, no one should belive this, combing your hair isn’t going to do anything but make your hair fall out faster or give you well combed hair. I thought this was a spoof at first, then sadly realized some ridiculous person actually wrote this garbage, for what purpose, I have no idea

  4. DON’t Comb your hair!!!! stand on your head to create blood circulation or do 10 min. massage! you will get more result!

  5. OK Heres my story. when my wife and I watch TV I put my head on a pillow on her lap and she runs her fingers through my hair. We always sit on the same side of the sofa. I have an average widows peak for my age but here the mind blower for me, I have recently discovered that my hair has been growing back in on only one side of my widows peak and its not the side thats on the pillow. True story. By the way we have had the same routine of TV watching for about 3 years.

  6. has anyone had success with this?
    and (prally a stupid question) does this work for men who are going through male pattern baldness, cause it was mentioned:
    “if the cause for hair loss lies within some inner dosorder or imbalance”
    and MPB is a disorder

  7. I’m still 22 years old but I am having major hair problems. At first I was having excessive hair during my teenage years but then suddenly when I reached 20 I feel like my hair are getting thinner. In fact they would easily fall. This is making me worried.

  8. Thanks Frank, That sofa massage will help and a good opportunity to share quality time with wife. 🙂

  9. Hallo!!!
    Nothing helped me but we r all different so some of you may try next. If you still have enaugh hair to have a short hair cut, just learn how to cut it evry day by your self(the best are whal machines, get the one for the face). It will slow down your hair loss, just do it every day and keep your hair cut sharp. Now one more thing this is conected to autosugesty: cut peace of your hair and and find the tree under you can bare this peace of hair and you should have new hair regrowing if you believe this. Unfortunately nothing help. the hair regrowing must be so simple and there must be someone who had results but Iam afraid this people dont need this kind of forum no more. BTW sorry 4 speling.

  10. I think very few of us are aware of this amazing fact that by the appropriate use of a comb and brush we can regrow our hair.

  11. I am 50 years old man and have lost total 50 % of my hair. This is a class D type baldness where forehead & top is almost empty. Am I regrow hair again in this age naturally with the help of medicine & exercise only.
    Please give me appropriate guidance.


  12. Evidently, you have male pattern baldness and it will be difficult to regrow hair only with exercises (scalp massage, combing, brushing, etc.) at this age.

    You will want to consider using DHT-blockers (natural or synthetic) to revitalize your hair follicles as well. There are so many hair loss products on the market today and it’s never an easy task to make the proper choice. Propecia and Rogaine are the best known synthetic treatments available. These two are the only ones that are approved by FDA. Among the natural treatments Provillus is the one that’s worth your attention. It has been reported to be effective by many patients with male pattern baldness. Also there are such natural DHT inhibitors as saw palmetto, nettles, pygeum and even pumpkin seeds and green tea. If you prefer to regrow you hair naturally, these products could be a better option. Still it’s advisable to consult your doctor before buying and using anything (on the subject of precautions, contra-indications or age-specific issues).

    Obviously, you will also benefit from the diet rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals and healthy lifestyle in general. Some articles of interest here:

    Summing it up, to combat the problem comprehensively the approach to hair regrowth should be complex as well. So, be patient and good luck!

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