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It’s not a secret that potatoes can work wonders to your hair. So if you want to regrow your hair and make it look healthier it is very advisable to make potato mask and apply it to your scalp and hair at least once a week. To prepare it take a dish, add one yolk, one tea-spoon of vegetable oil, one tea-spoon of liquid honey and a tea-spoon of fine salt to it. Take two potatoes of medium size. Wash, peel, and grate them. Add grated potatoes to the dish and mix everything thoroughly. Prior to washing your hair divide it into locks and put the prepared mask on the scalp. Put some of the mask on your hair along the whole length. Wrap a warm towel around your head and keep it for 30-40 minutes. Wash your hair with a soft shampoo and rinse it with clear water with a small amount of vinegar or citric acid.

Actually, potatoes are perfect for any kind of hair treatment. Potato masks can be used in case of both greasy and dry hair: it all depends what you add to them. Proper treatment will surely make your hair brilliant and silky. It will also be of great help in case of hair loss.

Masks with potatoes and curdled milk are useful for treating greasy hair. Peel and grate several potatoes. Squeeze out 6 spoonsfuls of potato juice and mix them with about 200 ml of curdled milk (the greasier is your hair – the sourer should be curdled milk. Mix it carefully and put it on your hair roots and along the whole length of your hair. Wrap your head with polythene and a warm towel and keep it for about half an hour. Wash your hair thoroughly with a shampoo for greasy hair.

Use potato mask with a yolk and honey to treat dry hair. Grate 3 medium-sized potatoes, squeeze out juice and mix it with with 1 egg yolk and 20 g of liquid honey. Mix it carefully and rub it into your scalp with soft movements for it to be absorbed better. Also put this mask on clean and slightly damp hair. Leave the mask for about 30 minutes and wash it with warm water without any shampoo. Don’t use a hair-drier.

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23 thoughts on “Regrow your hair with potatoes

  1. Ya. I too would agree with your information. Potato is one of the good solution for Hair loss problems. Thanks for sharing

  2. Potatoes are readily available at home unlike other things that can be used on scalp. I will definitely try it out. Thanks!

  3. Nice post about Regrow your hair with potatoes. Ididn’t know that potatoes are perfect for any kind of hair treatment. Thanks

  4. It is very interesting to know, potatoes can also be used for hair treatment.


  5. Somewhere, I have heard about this sometime ago. But, I was a bit confused, now after reading your article, I am too much sure that it will work well. Thanks

  6. I have read a lot about hair loss and this is the first time I have heard about potatoes. Very neat thing to know.

  7. Nothing is impossible, so why not potatoes. I will surely try since it’s one thing one do have at home… add the other ingredients. Thus,It would have been nice to read a posts of tried and tested …Yeah it works! Thanks for the info.

  8. Hi,brother’s & sister’s i have for u a simple way to get your original hair again,if u r a muslim take the “xabatu sawda” which is a miracle cure which our prophet muhamed ‘pbh’ have said it is a cure of every thing eccept death,u can imagine then,

  9. This is marvelous. Didn’t even know potatoes can cure hair loss and hair treatment. Thank you for sharing this information.

  10. If you’re ‘LOSING’ hair, it is not genetic 90% of the time. Genetics only cause androgenic alopecia, not hairfall. Androgenic alopecia is a receding hairline which you can’t do much about since it is genetic.

    But there are PLENTY of things you can do if you’re hair is falling. Hair fall is completely curable. I can tell this from personal experience. Hair fall can ultimately be attributed to ‘there’s something wrong on the inside’. If you’ve been under any medication, stress, or any other reason, you might be losing a lot of hair

    I suffered from Malaria, and after 2-3 months it started. 300 hair falling every single day. I got super worried and tried everything to no avail. It was like this for 3 months. Then i decided to resume my exercise routines, intense workout sessions (cardio, weights and plyometrics). Within a month, my hairfall drastically reduced and now it is back to normal.

    Most of the hair loss stopping products address the issue by improving blood circulation which can take months and which is also not that reliable. Intense exercise such as a full-fledged plyometrics session will get your head pumping with blood like never before. Same effect, much healthier, much easier, and much more tangible.

    And @ the article, the banana mask, potato mask and all those things can help improve your hair conditioning. This will improve overall hair quality and if you supplement this with a healthy diet and regular intense exercise, trust me, your HAIR FALL WILL STOP.

  11. Potato dose not help? Hold on before saying that! A Mexican friend recently told me that rhe Mexican people use potato for hair growth, and I do not see many of my Mexican Homeboys with a bald head. Unless my infomation is wrong raw potato contains Hyaluronic Acid. Problem is when you cook the potato the HA is either destroyed, or migrates to the h2o you cook it in. Another note:2-17-11 Fox News reported UCLA accidently found a cure for hair-loss. Also, I think Tom Hagerty’s scalp ecercise has helped me, the results come painfully slow, I started 5-1-2009 and only now am I seeing any improvment.(2-19-11)

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