Combing one’s hair can definitely be an effective assistant while treating the problem of hair loss. Therefore, if you want to regrow hair and make it strong and healthy you should learn to comb it properly.
First, let’s speak of the choice of combs. Naturally, each family member should have a separate one for his or her own use. The comb-teeth should be blunt and smooth. If they are sharp you can scratch and hurt your scalp. Don’t use metal combs with thick teeth as they tear and break hair. Combs with blunt and smooth teeth a preferable also from a hygienic point of view as they can be cleaned easily.
You can also use a brush. The brush-bristle should be rigid enough but at the same time it should not hurt your skin. For the best result you can use two types of brushes: one with a quite rigid bristle to remove dirt and dandruff and stimulate your head-skin; the other with a rather soft bristle to make your hair even and lustrous.
Now let’s turn to the process itself. The most important thing here is to make blood freely flow and circulate in the scalp. It cleans hair bulbs, feeds and revitalizes them. For this purpose you should stand up with legs widely separated, knees slightly bended, the body a bit tilted to make your head lower the heart level. Comb your hair leading the comb or the brush from the scalp to the tips of your hair to clean the head-skin from dirt and dandruff and remove dead hair. Careful twitching will help to stimulate and relax the scalp. Long and thick hair should be patiently combed little by little, strand by strand.
Follow this simple tips if you want to strive against hair loss and regrow hair. It is not a quick fix, of course, but in course of time the result will be evident, for sure.

regrow hairBegin to solve the problem of hair loss and to regrow hair with considering the question of your nutrition. Your hair is a part of your organism and it consumes the same nutrients as the hearth, the brain or any body cell. The fact is that there is food that doesn’t nourish your body cells and poisons your blood. Many people prefer to eat fast food – sausages, hamburgers, ice cream, cola – that to the most part is lifeless and innutritious. As a result they feel their blood with poisons and it spoils their general health and precisely their hair. Your hair is what you eat.
Salty and spicy products are enemies of healthy hair and other organs of the body. Tea, coffee, sweets and chocolates, cola and alcoholic beverages contain such toxic substances as tannin, caffeine and poisonous acids. They bring almost nothing useful to your organism and precisely to your hair but do the opposite job. Sugar and starch belong to the same category of products. As a matter of fact, men and women who eat such food usually have spoilt and lifeless hair.
On the contrary, animal and vegetable proteins are significant for the healthy state of your hair. They are contained in such products as eggs, seeds, cheese, milk, nuts, meat, fish, wheat, rice, vegetables, nut oil, soy, etc. It is well known that people who eat food rich in proteins have strong and healthy hair.

A great number of people are anxious about the condition of their hair. There are about 20 million bald men in the USA who are younger that 20 year old. And more that 50 million of men and women are becoming bald at a high pace. Though we practically never see a bald woman thousands of them DO suffer from this problem. Quite a lot of women have thin, weak and sick hair.
hair loss and regrow hairAny abnormality on your head such as excessive dryness or greasiness of the skin, sudden hair loss or dandruff is a symptom of this or that disorder or disease in the body. Most often it happens because of unhealthy food, self-intoxication, unhygienic habits, weak blood circulation in the scalp, stress, etc.
We are all supposed to have strong and healthy hair from birth. It is a part of the human’s organism. To some extent hair is like muscles. And like muscles it needs constant exercises to increase blood circulation and get strong. If you are disposed to hair loss and want to regrow hair you should treat it with all your attention and care.
Hair can be compared with a plant that grows in the soil. When this soil is fertile your hair grows strong and healthy. When the soil is poor you have a problem. Here we will consider some simple tips how to avoid hair loss and regrow hair. And we’ll start with non-medical ones.