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A great number of people are anxious about the condition of their hair. There are about 20 million bald men in the USA who are younger that 20 year old. And more that 50 million of men and women are becoming bald at a high pace. Though we practically never see a bald woman thousands of them DO suffer from this problem. Quite a lot of women have thin, weak and sick hair.
hair loss and regrow hairAny abnormality on your head such as excessive dryness or greasiness of the skin, sudden hair loss or dandruff is a symptom of this or that disorder or disease in the body. Most often it happens because of unhealthy food, self-intoxication, unhygienic habits, weak blood circulation in the scalp, stress, etc.
We are all supposed to have strong and healthy hair from birth. It is a part of the human’s organism. To some extent hair is like muscles. And like muscles it needs constant exercises to increase blood circulation and get strong. If you are disposed to hair loss and want to regrow hair you should treat it with all your attention and care.
Hair can be compared with a plant that grows in the soil. When this soil is fertile your hair grows strong and healthy. When the soil is poor you have a problem. Here we will consider some simple tips how to avoid hair loss and regrow hair. And we’ll start with non-medical ones.

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3 thoughts on “Introduction to simple tips to regrow hair

  1. I’m 24 yrs and I’m experiencing hairloss, my hair is getting thinner by the day. I don’t know what to do to regrow my hair.

  2. iam 23 years old last 3 years i have hair loss but nw i lost 50 % hair from crown 25% hair from side and back last 2 year i try to make regrow as naturally thinned hair i want my hair back i can do anything please help me

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