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Hair loss and baldness in kidsMany parents complain of hair thinning and baldness of their kids. It is easy to understand worries of the mother who has a 5-year-old daughter and who wants to braid her hair and make bows. Every mother wants her little daughter to have a splendid thick chevelure. But there seems to be a problem. Natural question arise: what’s wrong? What’s the cause of hair loss of my child? What should I do about it?

Probably, the reason is in heredity – when mum’s, daddy’s, granny’s and grandpa’s hair also grew slowly and weakly when they were kids. Fortunately, those bald patches that kids have go away in course of time as they grow older. Hair condition is also greatly influenced by the condition of gastrointestinal tract, low hemoglobin level (it is necessary to take blood test), stress (some children start to lose hair after endured psychological traumas).

In order to improve your kid’s hair make use of alcoholic tincture made from red siliculose pepper to promote hair growth and make hair strong and healthy. You can buy it in the drug store or you can prepare it yourself. Take 1 part of pepper and add 10 parts of 70-percent spirit, draw it for a week, and filter. Then take 1 part of tincture and add 10 parts of boiled water, mix it thoroughly. Rub it in the scalp 2-3 times a week, preferably before sleep. In a couple of months you could see the result.

As a preventive measure against baldness ramson in a combination with onion juice or peel is successfully used. With same purpose and similar effect you can wet your head with nettle extract after washing and rub it in the head-skin. A grassy broth of hop and thistle is also very good. All these herbal hair loss remedies irritate the scalp and, thus, improve blood circulation. As a result the head-skin doesn’t suffer from shortage of air: its pores open, blood brings more oxygen to hair follicles and the scalp literally breathes. Also castor oil can be of great help in case of seborrheic alopecia or hair loss.

And some more tips that can be of use not only for kids but for grown-ups as well. Never wash you head with very hot water. Don’t rub the scalp too intensely during washing. Don’t use combs and hairbrushes with teeth that can damage your headskin and hair (those made of metal and wood that are roughly made). Wash your head with warm water and rinse it with cool water. Dry your hair at room temperature. You can use hair drier, but be careful not to overdry roots. So, dry it with warm but not hot puff.

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  1. Definitely useful stuff for my baby. I will make sure to implement your suggestions.

  2. You have advised the same thing as my physician advised for one of my relative’s kid when he started getting hair loss. Thanks

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