Short overview. TrichoZed is a herbal dietary supplement formulated to treat male and female pattern baldness. It contains FDA-approved ingredients and is sold over the counter. Visit TrichoZed Website

User Satisfaction. According to the online research more than 80% of TrichoZed users have reported the product to be effective against hair loss.

Whom Intended for? TrichoZed is developed for both men and women suffering from hair loss (thinning hair, receding hair line, bald spots, etc.).

When to Expect Results? The manufacturer claims that TrichoZed stops hair loss already in 7 days, while obvious hair regrowth is noticeable after 30-45 days of treatment. However, most users achieve permanent results within 6 months. It is recommended to continue using TrichoZed afterwards to maintain the regrown hair.

Main Ingredients. TrichoZed is a herbal formulation that inhibits dihydrotestosterone and nourish hair follicles. Each TrichoZed pill includes the following active ingredients: Biotin, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Emblica officinalis extract, and Serenosa repens.

How to Take? The regular dosage of TrichoZed is 2 capsules a day. Take one in the morning and one before sleep with a sufficient amount of water. If you have missed a dose, just continue the regular administration.

Precautions. TrichoZed’s components are generally safe to use without any special precautions. If you have medical issues, allergies or if you are currently undergoing medical treatment, consult your physician about the subject of possible reactions.

Any Side Effects? TrichoZed meets all standards in safety set for dietary supplements and according to clinical studies causes no side effects.

Prescription Required? No prescription is required to purchase TrichoZed.

Package Options and Price. Each bottle of TrichoZed contains 60 pills for 1 month supply. You can order 1, 2, 3, or 6 bottles in a package. 6 bottle option has the best price and comes with a bonus (2 additional bottles and free shipping).

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5 thoughts on “TrichoZed

  1. This one is a safer alternative to chemical drugs. I use Trichozed because it’s not that expensive and it has no side effects.

  2. Hey! I treated my male pattern baldness first with Propecia until I encountered some problems as it interacted with other drugs I have to take. My doc recommended me Trichozed as a safer option and I’m currently on it.

  3. Trichozed works! I’ve got most of my hair back after a half a year treatment. Great product, great supplier!

  4. I personally think that 8 months are not the proper time for the results to be seen in case of a herbal hair loss treatment. Though some people reported good results in a much shorter period of time with Trichozed. Maybe you need something stronger in your condition.

    Thanks for the comment

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