For many of us, our hair isn’t just something that’s attached to our head. It is instead a part of our identities, and without it, many of us would be lost. Sadly, as we grow older, thinning of the hair, and hair loss, becomes a really big problem. If you’re worried that you’re losing your hair or are finding that your hair is becoming thinner, it’s essential that you act sooner rather than later. The sooner you can address your hair loss, the sooner you can hopefully prevent any further loss, and possibly even reverse it completely. Whereas there are many hair loss products out there, one of the most popular and effective is one known as Rogaine, and it is Rogaine hair treatment which we’re going to be looking at today. Whether you’re wondering where to buy Rogaine, how much it costs, how it works, or anything else for that matter, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a detailed look at Rogaine. Visit Rogaine Website

What is natural Rogaine?

Rogaine is one of the most popular hair loss treatments on the market today, and is enjoyed in countries all over the globe. Rogaine is designed to serve as a long-term treatment for male pattern baldness. Now, there are many different men’s hair loss treatments out there, and to cut right to the chance, some of them simply do not work. Rogaine, however, is one of the most credible on the market today. Why? Because Rogaine is approved by the FDA, that’s the Food and Drug Administration. It is an over the counter product, which is available either as a foam, or in liquid form, and is primarily designed to treat male and female pattern baldness. Now, there have been numerous clinical studies carried out regarding the effectiveness of Rogaine, and it has indeed been found to work.

How was Rogaine discovered?

Like many of life’s most effective products, Rogaine was discovered by accident. Originally in the 1970s, health experts sold Minoxidil as a blood pressure medication. One of the side effects of this drug, was thicker and longer hair. In 1988, Rogaine was launched and it contained 2% Minoxidil. It was approved by the FDA in the 90s, and in 1997, extra-strength Rogaine, which contained 5% Minoxidil, was launched.

Does Rogaine really work?

Yes, it does. As mentioned previously, Rogaine men’s hair regrowth treatment has been found by numerous clinical studies, to really work and do what it claims to do. There are, though, a few exceptions. You see, Rogaine has been found to work on certain types of baldness, providing regular treatment is carried out. Basically, as long as you continue to use Rogaine, your hair will regrow, and will grow back thicker. The only time you will encounter any problems, is when you stop using the product. As soon as regular treatments cease, your hair will regress to how it was before the treatment was carried out.

So, how does Rogaine work?

Rogaine works by functioning as a vasodilator. This basically means that it enlarges the blood vessels, dilates them, and thereby promotes an increase in circulation. Rogaine helps to enlarge the hair follicles, partially, and increases the growth phase of the hair. Now, because during the growth phase, there are more follicles, users of the product will see a greater coverage on the scalp, and subsequently, their hair will grow back and become thicker and fuller. Now, be under no illusions, Rogaine works very well, but it doesn’t work miracles. It cannot bring hair back from the dead, but it can stimulate new growth. For people with thinning hair, or hair loss around the crown of the head, Rogaine is ideal.

What makes Rogaine so effective?

Rogaine contains a variety of different ingredients, and listing each one would take us all day. What we will do, however, is talk about Rogaine’s primary active ingredient – Minoxidil. Minoxidil is a vasodilator, that is FDA-approved. This active ingredient has been found to help prevent hair loss and to promote new hair growth. It is this ingredient which makes it so effective. On top of Minoxidil, you’ll also find purified water, ethanol, and propylene glycol, to name but a few of the other active ingredients.

How to use Rogaine

Currently, there are two unique Rogaine products available to choose from. These are an unscented foam, and an extra-strength liquid. There is also a women’s version, which is only available in liquid form. Simply apply the liquid of the foam to the scalp twice per day, being sure to really massage it in there nice and deep. Do this daily and after around 4 months or so, you should begin to notice a very impressive improvement in your hair.

Where to buy Rogaine?

Because Rogaine is an over the counter medication, you can purchase it from a variety of pharmacies and participating drug stores, without the need for a prescription.

Final thoughts

So, now that we’ve looked at Rogaine in more details, what are our thoughts? Well, Rogaine is FDA approved, has been subject to numerous successful clinical trials, and has been on the scene for many decades now. It is hugely popular, and for good reason. If you are struggling with hair loss, or thinning of the hair, Rogaine is very highly recommended. Click here to get Rogaine

Rogaine essential facts and FAQ

Short overview. Rogaine is a long-term treatment for male pattern baldness and hereditary hair loss. It is the only topical hair loss solution that is approved by Food and Drug Administration. Rogaine works as a vasodilator for shrunken hair follicles, revitalizing them and promoting hair regrowth.

User Satisfaction. According to the online research 85% of Rogaine users have been satisfied with the results that they achieved with the product.

Whom Intended for? Rogaine is aimed at male pattern and hereditary hair loss in both men and women.

When to Expect Results? The majority of men and women achieve visible results in 4 months.

Main Ingredients. The main component of Rogaine is minoxidil, an FDA-approved vasodilator medication that is clinically proven to stop hair loss and stimulate hair regrowth. Other ingredients are ethanol, propylene glycol and purified water.

How to Use?
Rogaine foam or topical solution is applied twice a day directly to the scalp. If you miss a dose or two, just continue the usual treatment as it generally won’t affect your long-term hair regrowth. In case of discontinuation the usual hair loss process will resume. If there is no obvious hair regrowth after 4 months of treatment, discuss it with your physician.

Precautions. It is not recommended to use Rogaine together with other topical medicines on the scalp. No interactions with oral medications were reported. Pregnant or breast-feeding women should not use the product.

Any Side Effects? Rogaine rarely causes any serious side effects. Most common side effects observed in a small number of users are scalp itching and irritation, dry skin and unwanted facial hair. All of them completely disappear upon discontinuation of the product.

Prescription Required? No prescription is required. Rogaine is available over the counter and you can buy it in local drug stores or order it online.

Package Options and Price. Single, Triple and 4 Month Super Saver options are available (topical solution and foam for men and topical solution for women). For better results Progaine Volumizing Shampoo can be purchased additionally.

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7 thoughts on “Rogaine

  1. this topical treatment works wonders! i have received many compliments from my colleagues since i started using this topical. it takes effect very soon – i think a couple of weeks had passed when people started asking me about my “new hairstyle”. i really enjoy feeling myself younger and i would recommend this amazing product to all those suffering from male pattern baldness. it will bring your hair and you back to life!

  2. I have used Minoxidil for about a year now and there is no trace left of receeding hairline on my temples. There is substantial overall regrowth of new hair. Just because I had some scalp irritation in course of time I decided to try the Rogaine foam as a sparing option. As far as Minoxidil is the main component of Rogaine, I experience the same regrowth, but there is no irritation any more. The foam is so much better for me.

  3. I have been applying Rogaine since September 2008 and after these two years the results are just fantastic. Rogaine has become a part of my life, my everyday habit and I simply forgot about the problem of hair loss.

  4. My name is Harry and I’m a long term user of Rogaine and this product has always worked very well for me. It’s important not to skip treatments often or to discontinue.

  5. Rogaine, a.k.a. minoxidil, is the only topical hair loss treatment that is approved by American Food and Drug Administration. It does work for male patter baldness but remember it’s going to be a long-term treatment (like with any hair loss remedy). As for Provillus and Procerin, these two are based on natural/herbal formulations, so they are supposed to be safer. Many users report good results with them too.

  6. As fas as I know, there are only two products approved by the FDA to prevent hair loss, and in many cases, have been shown to actually grow hair. Among these two is Rogaine (which contains minoxidil, the active ingredient in Rogaine) which is a topical solution. It was originally sold only with a doctor’s prescription, but can now be purchased over the counter in either a two percent minoxidil content solution, or in an extra strength five percent solution. This medication is applied to the scalp twice daily. These minoxidil solutions do work to slow hair loss in most people, and in some cases, have even been show to induce hair regrowth in balding areas. Minoxidil products will work on both men and women, and are sold in two different versions. One for males, and another for females. I’m not sure what the difference is, but there may actually be no difference, in that they both contain the active ingredient minoxidil. Minoxidil will not work on totally bald scalps, and has been shown to only grow new hair on the pate, and not in the front of the head. It is inexpensive and well worth a try. Give it at least a four month trial.

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