For a great deal of men and women alike, our hair isn’t just something we style occasionally when we want to make an effort. Our hair is our identity. One of the biggest drawbacks associated with aging and growing older, is the fact that for many of us, especially men, our hair can begin to thin and fall out. Hair loss can be devastating, and, unless you’re willing to undergo radical surgery, which is painful and doesn’t always work, there generally isn’t believed to be anything that can be done. Thanks to Provillus, however, things are now very different. Now, we have the potential to enjoy shiny, healthy, thick, and luscious locks of hair, and to help grow it back before it’s too late. Provillus hair treatment products are now in incredibly high demand, and we can easily understand why. Here’s a look at what Provillus is, how it works, whether it does generally work, and at whether or not it’s as effective as some people are claiming. Let’s take a look, shall we? Visit Provillus Website

What is Provillus?

Before we can start talking about how this fantastic hair loss treatment works, we first need to talk about precisely what it is. Provillus is a radical hair treatment and hair loss product that is made with tried and tested ingredients in the strictest of conditions. This natural herbal supplement is designed to help promote hair regrowth and to prevent hair loss. It helps to nourish the hair and scalp, give the hair a healthy shine, strengthen hair follicles, and help you to hold onto your precious locks of hair before they’re gone for good. This natural hair regrowth formula is made from herbal ingredients and extracts which have been proven to be effective when it comes to the hair. Available in formulas for both men and women, this product is been generating quite the positive buzz lately, and results thus far are incredibly promising. What helps Provillius stand out amongst the competition is the fact that it helps to regenerate dead hair follicles, so you can, in theory, reverse hair loss. Made from 100% all natural ingredients, early feedback so far looks very promising, but is it all hype? Let’s explore further…

Different phases of hair growth

It’s easy to claim that a product does this and that, but what people want nowadays is solid proof. Now, we’re not just going to talk about what Provillus does, we’re also going to talk about how it works so that you know as much about the product as possible. Provillus is made from a number of top-quality, all-natural herbal ingredients, and ingredients proven to work effectively when treating and preventing hair loss. We’ll be looking at the ingredients found in this product a little later on, but for now, we’re going to cover the basics. B vitamins found in Provillus play key roles in numerous metabolic processes in the body, including the growth of your hair. Vitamin B deficiencies have been linked with suppressed hair growth, and with hair loss. There’s also biotin and magnesium, which help to stimulate hair follicles. When it comes to the true effectiveness of Provillus, though, it all comes down to DHT. DHT stands for Dihydrotestosterone. It is an anabolic hormone which has been found to play a crucial role in hair loss, especially in men. Roughly 1 in 2 men over the age of 50 are affected by hair loss, and DHT is one of the prime culprits. You see, DHT has been found to shrink down the size of hair follicles. Hair growth is split into 3 unique phases. You have:

Anagen – The Anagen phase is the phase in which hair follicles grow. Here, hairs actually remain in this phase for between 2 and 6 years. As you might expect, the longer the Anagen phase lasts, the longer the hair strands become. On your head right now, you can expect roughly 80 – 85% of all of your hairs to be in this phase, which means that they are constantly growing.

Catagen – Up next is the catagen phase. This is the shortest phase of hair growth, as it lasts just 2 weeks. Here, this phase enables hair follicles to renew and regenerate themselves.

Telogen – Finally, the last of the 3 phases is the Telogen phase. With this phase, the hair is basically resting. Hair follicles take a well-deserved break and they lay dormant in the body for up to 4 months. Of all of the hairs on your head, between 12 and 20% are in the Telogen phase. After this phase, the cycle repeats itself once again, starting from Anagen.

What causes hair loss?

Hair loss can occur for a number of different reasons. There’s evidence to suggest that wearing a hat regularly can cause the hair to become thinner and to fall out. Stress can be another factor, as individuals suffering from stress can suffer from alopecia. Then of course, there’s genetics. In men especially, male pattern baldness can run in the family. If members of your family suffer with hair loss, there’s a strong chance that you yourself will also be affected. Male pattern baldness occurs when hair follicles become shorter and smaller in size. Here, the initial anagen phase which promotes growth, is shorter, and the telogen phase becomes longer. Because the hair has less time to grow during the Anagen phase, it obviously cannot grow as long or as thick. Sadly, as time passes, the Anagen phase becomes shorter and shorter. Eventually, it lasts for such a short period of time that the hair follicles are unable to even become visible above the scalp. Imagine an underground root vegetable growing, but failing to grow above the soil, and you get the idea. As the follicles shrink in length, during each cycle, each strand of hair becomes thinner and thinner. Eventually, the hairs become what are known as ‘Vellus Hairs’. These are the same types of hairs that are found on infants, and disappear during puberty, as a direct response to hormones known as androgens.

DHT and hair loss

We’ll soon be looking at how Provillus works when it comes to promoting hair growth, and in order to do so, we need to look at DHT in more detail. DHT actually promotes the growth of hair on the body, I.E armpit hair and pubic hair, but when it comes to hairs on the head, it is actually detrimental. DHT binds itself to androgen receptors located on the follicles of hair. It then initiates a response which causes these very receptors to miniaturize and to shrink down in size. Once this happens, hair loss becomes a very real problem. Not everybody responds to DHT in this way, however, which is why male pattern baldness does not affect every single male out there.

So, how does Provillus work?

Now we’re going to look at how Provillus for men, and Provllus for women, actually works. This dietary supplement works from the inside out. It contains a number of potent and powerful natural ingredients which nourish the hair and help to keep it strong, shiny, and healthy. Containing antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts, it can help to restore the hair, and keep it strong, long, shiny, and healthy, in a whole variety of different ways. This dietary supplement helps to boost hair growth and rebuild the roots, helping to lay down a healthy foundation for a great head of hair in the future. It works along with natural changes in the human body, which can cause hair loss. Provillus contains natural extracts which help to reduce levels of free-circulating DHT, and FPB, which has a similar effect on women as DHT does on men, which blocks these hormones from circulating around the body. If these hormones are no longer able to circulate around the body, they cannot bind to the androgen receptors located on hair follicles, which means that they cannot cause hair loss, damage, or thinning of the hair. When it comes to hair growth for example, Provillus pills contain large dosages of vitamin B6. This vitamin plays a vital role in the growth of the hair, as well as numerous other metabolic processes in the body.

What are the benefits of Provillus?

As you now know, Provillus is proving to be a very popular supplement, but exactly what is it about it that makes it so popular? Well, in this next section, we’re going to familiarize you with the many benefits associated with Provillus. Key benefits include the following:

All-natural – One reason why people have been so complimentary of this product is because of the fact that it is completely natural. Many so-called “hair growth” treatments out there contain artificial chemicals and ingredients produced in a lab. Using chemicals in this manner can be dangerous for a whole host of different reasons. Provillus contains all-natural herbal ingredients which provide countless benefits for the body, the hair, and the scalp.

Prevents hair loss – One of the boldest claims made by the makers of Provillus is that it is able to help prevent hair loss. These claims, however, are backed up with proven research. Provillus contains active natural ingredients which help to block the circulation of DHT in the body. DHT, as previously mentioned, binds to androgen receptors in the hair which can cause hair loss and male pattern baldness.

Thicker hair – Not only does this product help to prevent hair loss, if you were to look at several Provillus before and after pictures, you’d see that the vast majority of users of the product have enjoyed thicker strands of hair. If your hair is thinning, Provillus is a fantastic product for getting the thickness of your hair back.

Improved health – One of the lesser-known benefits of Provillus is the fact that it has been found to help promote an improvement to your health. As mentioned, the key Provillus ingredients are vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and herbal extracts which promote general health and wellness in a whole variety of different ways. Provillus helps to strengthen the immune system, which in turn will help you to ward off illness and disease. A stronger immune system means that you’ll become healthier in general.

Convenient – Using Provillus just couldn’t be easier. This natural herbal supplement comes in a handy pill capsule form. You simply take the product like you would a regular vitamin and mineral supplement.

FDA-approved – One of the key ingredients in this product is Minoxidil, which is FDA-approved and has been found to help slow and prevent the loss of hair. As the product is FDA-approved, you know that your hair is in safe hands.

Are there any Provillus side effects?

Provillus is an all-natural herbal supplement and so the ingredients are natural, and are generally safe. With that said, some users may potentially be allergic to some ingredients, so allergic reactions are possible. If you have any known allergies, read the ingredients list carefully. If you experience any adverse side effects, discontinue use immediately and seek medical advice. Never exceed the recommended daily dosage.

Is Provillus worth it?

So, now that we’ve looked at what is Provillus, how it works, what it does, and much more besides, we can now finish up by looking at whether or not Provillus is worth it. Provillus pills are very popular, they’re FDA approved, they’re easy to consume, and there is a great deal of research to suggest that they really do work. For this reason, we strongly recommend Provillus and if hair loss is giving you cause for concern, be sure to check the product out sooner, rather than later. Click here to buy Provillus now

Provillus essential facts and FAQ

Short overview. Provillus is a herbal dietary supplement for hair regrowth. Its effect is based on natural components that reduce the activity of dihydrotestosterone and other hormonal by-products that cause hair loss and provide hair follicles with essential nutrients to regrow hair.

User Satisfaction. According to the online consumer poll almost 90% of users have been satisfied with the results that they achieved with the product.

Whom Intended for? Provillus is intended to prevent hair loss and promote hair regrowth in both men and women.

When to Expect Results? Some Provillus users have reported good results already after a few weeks. Though, the majority of men and women start to notice the effect after 3-4 months. The manufacturer claims that mild or heavy hair regrowth can be observed after 6 months of use.

Main Ingredients. There are two formulations of the product: Provillus Pills for Men and Provillus Pills for Women. The ingredients differ accordingly:

The main ingredients of the men’s formula are: Biotin, Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxme Hydrochlonde), Zinc (as Zinc Oxide), Magnesium (as Magnesium Oxide), Saw Palmetto (fruit), a proprietary blend of Stinging nettle (leaf), Pumpkin (seed), Eleuthero Root, Uva Ursi (root), and Muria Puama.

The main ingredients of the women’s formula are: Magnesium (as Magnesium Oxide), Biotin, Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine Hydrochloride), a proprietary blend of Horsetail Silica and para-Amino Benzoic Acid.

How to Take? Provillus pills are taken as a dietary supplement with a little amount of water or a meal. The regular dosage is two pills a day. You should consult your physician to consider the possibility of changing the daily use.

Precautions. There are regular precautions as with every herbal dietary supplement. You should never exceed the suggested dosage. In case of pregnancy and lactation ask a physician for professional advice. If you have a medical issue and/or take any drug, consult a physician about possible drug interactions.

Any Side Effects? Provillus is generally considered to be safe and rarely causes any side effects if taken as suggested.

Prescription Required? Provillus is sold over the counter and no prescription is needed. The product can be freely purchased online.

Package Options and Price. There are several package options of Provillus pills available: from 1 up to 6 month supply. The price varies. 6 month supply is recommended as the most effective and money-saving.

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34 thoughts on “Provillus

  1. Provillus seems to work. After I gave birth to a child I started experiencing hair loss that turned to be more and more severe with every week. My doctor said it was because of changes in hormonal levels in my body. I tried quite a number of drugs before turning to Provillus and they all did’t bring much result. I have been taking Provillus pills for 9 weeks and shedding of my hair has become less pronounced. It brought me some comfort by now. I hope there will be more progress soon.

  2. I used this product for about three months and I must say it helped me to promote some hair regrowth. My hair became thicker and now there is no signs of balding I used to have. I was satisfied by the results and then discontinued. Though, I think I’m gonna go through this 3 month course once a year to prevent hair loss in future.

  3. I ordered 2 month supply for the sake of beginning. I read a lot of reviews of Provillus and testimonials. There are people who report some results already after a couple of weeks. I can say this is my case. My hairbrush no longer collects so many hairs it used to. It makes me very optimistic about my hair.

  4. I never wanted to try drugs for hair loss because of side effects and interactions that they have. I’ve been looking for a natural hair loss treatment that would be effective and safe at the same time. My partner recommended me Provillus saying it worked great for him. So I decided to give it a try. I ordered 6 month supply yesterday. How long do they ship it?

  5. I started losing my hair at the age of 28. My wife told me that this was not normal to always have so many hairs in the brush and suggested me to try something to stop hair loss. We both decided that it should be some natural stuff. I have been using Provillus for about 8 months total and I can say it really keeps my hair from shedding. No more hair on my clothes and my pillow and much less in the brush. I’m satisfied with the result and will continue using Provillus.

  6. i just bought the i need to continue to take the pills for life time or i can discontinue after the desire result is achieve

  7. bikesh,

    Once you achieved the desired result (usually in 4-6 months), you may discontinue the product. There are no manufacturer’s statements that Provillus is intended for a life-time use.
    But as far as Provillus is not just nutritional substances for your hair but also a natural DHT blocker, some people prefer to continue using the product to prevent recurring hair loss in future (because DHT may start to act again).

  8. I think Provillus is a wonderful product and would recommend it to everyone experiencing hair loss. Any company that puts out such a great product with a money back guarantee obviously believes in their product enough to back it up with a guarantee.

  9. I can understand how you feel, but there’s no need to shout and panic. This site is exactly the place to help you through. Try to determine the cause of your hair loss first. It’s not very easy to find the best cure in each particular case, but finding the proper cause is half the battle (or even more). In case it’s DHT and/or lack of essential nutrients for your hair, Provillus could be a good option.

  10. Hey!

    My name is Greg. At my age of 29 I started noticing receding hair line and it made me really sad. I must say I care much about the way I look. An old friend of mine told me of Provillus and he also pointed me to this site, since he bought it from here.

    I’ve been sinking for a while (really huge number of articles to read and consider), looking through comments, but I couldn’t make any decision. And why Provillus after all, I thought?

    We met a in a week and he asked me whether I ordered it. I told him ‘no’ and that I was still thinking it over.

    He just bursted! He told me it was the same story with him. So after all I bought Provillus and it’s about six months that I’ve been using it. I must say there are great results – I feel my hair fuller and I don’t see my hairline receding anymore. I like the way I look, it’s great. I could have been into decision instead.

    Thank you, your Provillus works great!

  11. I placed an order and it was delievered withing just 4 days what was quite impressive. I have been using Provillus for just a couple of weeks and I’m not sure whether there are any positive changes. But it’s said here that it must take at least 4-6 months to see the obvious result, so I will just continue taking it. But I’m sure if I decide to place another order I will do it here because of such fast service and I will also recommend this site to my friends if they decide to buy this product.

  12. I made my second order here (6 month supply again). Was very impressed by the time of delivery. Great job!

  13. im 21 and experiencing of hair loss. i use to have really nice hair in my teen years. jw if this product would help regrow my hair to the way it use to be?

  14. John,

    21 is quite an early age to start losing hair. I recommend you talking to the trichologist to figure out the cause of it.

    So far there’s nothing that says that Provillus won’t help you.

  15. Hair regrowth with Provillus came faster than I expected. Within 2 months of use I felt no longer a balding one. My self-esteem returned, relationships improved. After all I’m very satisfied with this product. Thanks very much!

  16. Hi im interested in purchasching this product. But i had one question that really determines my decision to buy or not. Does this regrow the frontal area. I have a receding hair line that is really running on me. I went and had it checked out. I still have really thin hairs there. But was told that only surgery can fix anything in front of the ears.

  17. average joe,

    The majority of users report that Provillus prevents their hairline from further receding, though some say they managed to regrow hair in front. As far as I can see this product works differently for different people (probably same as many other hair loss treatments). Many just gave it a try and were satisfied with the results.

    Apart from the users’ reviews on this page you will want to check out the comments here. Hope this will help you make your final decision.

  18. Hi – I’m 32 years old female. I have always had long extremely thick hair. I started experiencing losing hair when I was 24. Everyone including all the doctors told me that it should be because of some vitamin deficiency since they could not find any fault in any of blood work.
    At 32 I have very thin hair and receding hairline. I feel horrible. I have ordered Provillus. I’m not hoping for any miracle. All I hope for is no further hair loss.

  19. i have been suffering from hair loss and my reasons are male pattern baldness and i thinkk y front line is getting thinner as well, and as they said in male pattern baldneas the crown are is effected as well
    is provillus good for me and if i want it get delievered in india will that be done,, and i have started taking homeopathic medicines as well if i take provillus with homeo medicicnes will there be any side effects

  20. rahul,

    Provillus is a natural DHT inhibitor, so it will be good for your male pattern baldness. No contradictions with homeopathic medicines have been reported, there’s no need to be afraid of any side effects. And, yes, Provillus is shipped to India.

  21. Hi, my husband’s hair is not in great condition; it is quite fine. He doesn’t have one bald area but if you look closely you can see his scalp ALL OVER HIS HEAD because the hair growth is so spaced out. Which product do you recommend for him? Provillus?

    Now to me. I have naturally curly hair. When i used to straighten it everyone used to comment on how healthy it looked. When I straighten it now it looks quite dull and forced. It is quite itchy and tangly at the parting. It’s been like this ever since i used a particular hair product (i cannot remember the name of it). What do you recommend for me?

    Thanks very much.

  22. Sati,

    Provillus is an effective natural hair loss treatment, which effect is based on inhibiting DHT that is a common hair loss cause in men. So if you and your husband are crucially against drugs and/or are afraid of their side-effects Provillus would be your best choice.

    As for you, I can see that hair loss is not your main problem. Still I believe you would benefit from certain topical hair loss/hair care treatments. For example, consider Profollica or Nisim. They include shampoo, gel, conditioner, extract – quite a choice to try.

    Good luck with your hair!

  23. Hi,
    I’m 35 yrs old, mother of two. I started loosing my hair from the age of 20. But my hairfall stopped during my two pregnancies but after 3or4 months restarted. Now my scalp is visible on the crown area and the hair is still falling profusely. I’ve consulted many doctors, had a lot of medications in almost all the genres of medicine. Now I stopped. This hairfall problem is in the family. Starting from my grandmother,my mother, her sisters and now my generation, all are experiencing the same problem. I dont have any other medical issues ( only my one ovary was removed 10yrs back due to a big ovarian cyst)
    My questions are,
    Will Provillus help me and my other family members?
    Will taking Provillus have any side-effect on the menstrual cycle?( as another well-known dietary suppliment had)
    Is Provillus effective on hairloss due to PCO?
    How long can one continue to take Provillus?

    Thank you

  24. Hi! My name is Marcy, I’m 34. I’ve been losing my hair for the last couple of years. I’m a veggie and I also try to stick to natural way of living. Provillus seems to be perfect in my situation and I’m gonna try it. Thanks!

  25. Hello guys..Im from India…I have ordered provillus online 15 days back and I still dint receive my package…I have a doubt will it be shipped to India or not and How long time does it take and Did any1 ordered the package from India…Plz any information is valuable for me right now..

  26. Sorry to hear that – I truly understand how important this package could be for you. Provillus is shipped to India and you should have got it by now.

  27. Ingredients included in this special blend of natural and have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. And will be pleased to know that this company estimates that the scalp of men and women are different, and must fight hair loss in both sexes, according to that, too. Remember this is mind, Provillus has separate two versions for men and women designed.

  28. STAY AWAY FROM PROPECIA!!! I used that drug for 6-motnhs back in 2000 and suffered PERMANENT SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION!! This nmigthare has occured to many other men. SOme of whom have since committed SUICIDE!!! Merck is lying about the safety of this drug. There needs to be a full investigation on how this drug got approved!!

  29. Fara – I second that! I was also taking Propecia in the past and I experienceв excactly the same thing – erectile dysfunction, which compromised my confidence and turned my life into almost a disaster. Now I know for sure it was because of this drug and it took me almost two months to recover and overcome impotency issues. But I still don’t want to give up on my hair loss problem, so I started Provillus as a safe option a month ago. So far so good, my hair feels stronger a bit and I’m still strong in the bed too)

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