Hair loss treatmentsA great many of people who suffer from hair loss also have a lowered self-esteem. It is quite natural that they are more critical of themselves and never see themselves as others actually see them. They think they are not attractive any more, that they are not equal, that they are deficient or whatever. What makes it worse, they think that because they are bald their authority is threatened, to say nothing of sexual life. Of course, there are optimists who are quite calm about the state of their hair (if some). They are quite happy about what they really are and they are happy that others take them what they really are. But if you have come here you are probably not among those who are “bald and proud”. Actually, there are several ways to treat your problem. And it’s up to you to decide what treatment is the most suitable for you. And remember, there’s always an option.

First of all consider how serious your problem is. It may be that a different hair style could conceal what you are embarrassed about and solve your problem. Talk to your hairdresser about it. Maybe, together you will decide what can be done about your hair. “Less is more” is the universal rule in dealing with thinning hair. In other words, if the hair is kept shorter it may actually look fuller. A skillful hairdresser can also help when hair is thinning in certain areas and make bald patches less noticeable.

One of the most common medical ways of hair loss treatment is taking drugs. Nowadays various drugs are available either by prescription or over the counter. They can be a quite efficient cure to regrow hair but sometimes this option is removed as some people may not be able to take pills or tablets or just can’t use drugs of any type. But you should keep in mind that there are other options. You always have a choice.

There are literally thousands of hair loss treatments on the market. There are specially developed shampoos, lotions, balsams, that can help stop hair loss and regrow hair. Of course, in comparison with drugs results will not be achieved in days and even weeks. Moreover, some people may have improvements and some may not – what works for one may not work for another.

There are also some natural treatments that can be a great substitute for those who can’t take drugs (as they don’t have the side effects that certain drugs have) or just prefer natural treatment. But again, natural treatments will not work for everyone. Among most popular natural hair loss treatments is saw palmetto that was initially used for treating prostate problems in males. Nowadays saw palmetto is found as the main ingredient in many hair loss treatments. Proanthocyanidins, cayenne pepper and capsaicin have also proved their effectiveness in solving the problem of hair regrowth. Tea tree oil that have been used as a general antiseptic by the aborigine tribes for thousands of years can also help with deep hair cleansing and dandruff. It is often used in anti-bacterial and moisturizing shampoos. More than that, by massaging the oil into the scalp new hair growth is promoted. Also aromatherapy has been discovered as a safe and effective alternative treatment for baldness. Provillus is all natural regrow hair remedy that seeds and nourishes the scalp and revitalizes dead follicles. Provillus is available in our Store. There are much more natural hair loss treatments. We will regularly give information on them in the Recent Articles section.

Hair transplants is a growing in popularity hair regrowth method among all the male cosmetic procedures performed. A good hair transplant is almost unnoticeable and produces the most dramatic change in one’s appearance. Nevertheless achieving the desired result can be very painful and traumatic for the patient.

Hair concealers are possibly the safest and easiest treatments to use. If you use hair concealers properly it can produce desired results. With a little practice you will be able to conceal any bald patch with ease. Hair concealers can be solid products (like colored powder that coats and thickens your hair), sprays (aerosolized polymers for thickening hair) or particles (charged with static electricity tiny hair fibers that intertwine with your own hair).

Wigs and toupees are also used to conceal bald spots and make you look more impressive. A good wig can really work wonders but as a matter of fact it is usually expensive and extremely fragile. Toupees are very similar to wigs but generally cover a very much smaller area.

Among this striking variety of hair loss treatments you are free to choose what suits you at best. We will be proud if our website will help you solve your problem.

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