Hair loss causes are a quite controversial issue as there is no general agreement about what are the main factors that cause loss of hair. As a matter of fact, different clinics have their own opinion on this problem and develop their own ways of treatment accordingly. is by no means preconceived in this case, so in this section we’ll give you a synopsis of different views of medical professionals taken together.

Some scientists consider the male hormone testosterone to be one of the major hair loss causes. Testosterone is closely connected with heredity. If a man has inherited the necessary genes for loss of hair, a little of testosterone is formed by some of the hair roots into a derivative called dihydrotestosterone. And in fact, it is dihydrotestosterone that is responsible for hair loss. So dihydrotestosterone is present in the surface sebum of hereditably predisposed people. When a hair is shed it enters the follicle reacts inside there chemically. Dihydrotestosterone miniaturizes the hair root and follicle and the new hair growing through it will be finer. When the new fine hair is later shed dihydrotestosterone again miniaturizes the follicle and hair root and so on until baldness occurs. Thus, male hormones, precisely, testosterone, are sponsoring baldness. Actually, male hormones start “working” when a man is sexually mature, so there’s little danger of hair loss before puberty.

Another point of view that is to some extend opposed to the theory of inherited disposition is focuses attention on the blood flow. So it is not testosterone and male hormones that are considered to be the main cause of hair loss but a poor blood flow to the scalp, insufficient nutrients in blood and poor drainage of waste products through the lymphatic systems. Considering this opinion as a prevalent on presupposes appropriate ways of treatment that center around the increase of the blood flow in the scalp.

Loss of hair in men and women is also considered to be caused by excessive oil in the scalp. This oil, that is also called sebum, clogs the pores of the scalp and stifles follicle growth. In time the hair root is asphyxiated, making it impossible for new hair to grow. If the scalp is not cleaned properly sebum becomes wax that clogs the pores. Thus, the new hair cannot come out. A few hairs that manage to push through this wax are so weak that they are ready to fall out at any time.

These three factors are the most common ones. Among other hair loss causes there are also the following:

  • emotional strains, stresses and nervous disorders,
  • aging,
  • infections,
  • hormonal imbalance,
  • polluted environment,
  • toxic substances,
  • injury and impairment,
  • radiation.

A combination of these factors increase hair loss considerably.

Moreover, there are many drugs that we take in every day without even suspecting that they can also be responsible for the condition of our hair. Among the drugs that may the causes of hair loss there are: cholesterol-lowering drugs, Parkinson medications, ulcer drugs, antiarthritics, anticonvulsants for epilepsy, antidepressants, antibiotics and some more.

The trick is that each hair treatment clinic gives different explanations for the cause of hair loss and tries to convince you that this explanation is the real one and that they have a cure for it. Naturally, clinics have to sell their products to make a profit and they affirm that their products are the best on the market. Therefore, you should be very careful in choosing a hair specialist. Anyways, before buying anything that promises to work wonders with your hair and begin hair loss treatment you should be properly diagnosed to find the real hair loss causes.

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