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As it goes with famous bald men, female celebrities also have to part ways with their hair for this or that reason. For some of them it is a conscious choice or a matter of necessity, for others it’s a natural way of things and nothing can be done about it. Still, all famous bald women in the following list seam to reap benefits from their condition and they are not ashamed of their baldness at all.


Amber Rose baldWho said that long hair is an indispensable part of woman’s sexiness? Well, Amber Rose proves the opposite. The American model deliberately shaves her head and it makes her one of the sexiest bald women ever.
Halle Berry baldThere are women who always look amazing irrespectively of the style. Halle Berry is definitely a stunning beauty, either bald or with locks of hair.
Bjork baldBjork. This extraordinary Icelandic singer with expressive vocals and passion for the musical (and visual) experiment was shot bald in the video Hunter showing her transformation into a polar bear (with the help of CGI). They say she didn’t really shave her head but wore a bald cap for this video.
Britney Spears baldBritney Spears is a rowdy American pop superstar who has sold over 85 million of her albums worldwide. Perhaps, she is most famous for shocking her fans by shaving her head bald in 2007. A controversial deed was her manifestation of rebellion and insanity and stirred quite a scandal.
Cassie baldCassie, or Cassandra Ventura, is an American singer, dancer and model. In April 2009 Cassie completely shaved the right side of her head explaining it as the need for a total change in her life. It must be said she looks cool with her new “Edward Scissorhands” hairstyle.
Charlize Theron baldLooks like Charlize Theron sees only advantages in having her head shaved. More spare time and less of garbage of all sorts of haircare products. Plus a feeling of liberation.
Cate Blanchett baldQuite often celebrities agree to go bald to star in movies. For example, the Australian award-winning actress Cate Blanchett (born on May 14, 1969) shaved her head for the role of Philippa in the movie Heaven (2002).
Demi Moore baldDemi Moore, an American actress, also readily said farewell to star in the movie G.I. Jane. She played the role of Lieutenant Jordan O’Neil, the first woman to undergo training in U.S. Navy. Though Demi looks very feminine and beautiful she proved that she could be badass on the screen as well.
Eve Salvail baldAs with many other ladies in the list, the baldness of Eve Salvail helped her reach a greater success. Not only Eve shaved her hair but also made a Chinese dragon tattoo on her bald head. Quite soon after that her extraordinary appearance was recognized and she became one of the top fashion models.
Gail Porter baldSometime baldness is not a matter of a conscious choice. The Scottish model and TV presenter Gail Porter suffered from severe alopecia areata until she finally made decision to shave her head bald. She said it felt like a new beginning to her.
Kylie Minogue baldKylie Minogue is another misfortunate celebrity that had to part ways with her splendid hair. In 2005 the Australian pop diva was diagnosed with breast cancer and lost most of her hair because of chemotherapy. Fortunately, Kylie could regrow some of her hair and could boast of her new short and sexy hairstyle.
Natalie Portman baldNatalie Portman is another actress who famously went bald to play the role of Evey Hammond, a young woman who is rescued from state police by a vigilante “V” in the science fiction movie V for Vendetta (2006).
Grace Jones baldPopular Jamaican-American model, actress and singer Grace Jones was bold enough to go bald early in her career. That gave her one of the most distinctive badass looks.
Persis Khambatta baldThe Indian actress Persis Khambatta shaved her head for the role of the Deltan navigator Lieutenant Ilia in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. According to the movie Deltan race was bald, yet very sexual. Looking at the adorable Persis you can’t but agree with it.
Shabana Azmi baldShabana Azmi (born on September 18, 1950) is one of the most famous actresses of Indian parallel cinema. She got rid of her beautiful hair in 2000 for the film Water directed by Deepa Mehta, an award-winning Canadian film director and screenwriter.
Sigourney Weaver baldWhat do you think is the most badass female role ever? No doubt, it’s Ellen Ripley in the Alien series played by Sigourney Weaver. Baldness really contributed to Sigourney’s toughness in the 3rd installment.
Danai Gurira baldWe will always remember Zimbabwean actress Danai Gurira from The Walking Dead as having long dreadlocks. However, she prefers to shave her head in real life.
Sinead O'Connor baldSinead O’Connor is a famous Irish musician who suffered from hair loss problems but managed to make her own style and trademark out of her baldness. One of her well-known statements is “I don’t feel like me unless I have my hair shaved.”
Thea Chassin baldThea Chassin is a special person in the world of bald (and balding) women. Her mission is not to let any woman feel alone with this condition. Thea has been suffering from alopecia areata since 1997 and lost all her hair on the scalp and body. So she founded her organization Bald Girls Do Lunch bringing together bald women through supportive lunch events.
Megan Fox baldSome will say that Megan Fox has made a big mistake by shaving her head. But we believe that this bold (or bald?) decision has uncovered another angle of her beauty. And what do you think?

Well, lives of celebrities are all about their looks. And, as you can see, sometimes bald can look cute, cool and daring.

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7 thoughts on “20 Most Famous Bald Women

  1. Okay… there are no other comments here, but I cannot remain silent a moment longer! For CHRIST’S SAKE… that is NOT Cate Blanchett in your line-up of famous “bald” female celebrities!! That is in fact HALLE BERRY! I enjoy Cate Blanchett as much as anyone else – she IS attractive, and VERY talented, for sure…but the photo is not her! It’s the unmistakeably stunning beauty, Halle Berry. I’m sorry – but Ms. Blanchett couldn’t look that gorgeous even on her very best day!!! Sorry – but it’s true!

  2. Western culture as a whole usually isn’t too accepting of bald women, for a variety of reasons. Long hair has been the standard for women since Biblical times, and people often see women’s hair as their best ornament. Thanks for publishing all of these photos of some gorgeous women who have bald heads for one reason or another. I hope that these sorts of photos and women who are brave enough to have bald heads in public will do a lot to change public opinion. I also hope they’ll help our society as a whole see that a woman’s appearance doesn’t have to be defined by something as narrow as a hairstyle.

    Donald from What Causes Baldness

  3. Bald really can be beautiful. My faves would be Amber Rose, Persis Khambatta and of course Kylie 🙂

  4. Well, ladies and gents. After many years of thinking about it and threatening I would do it (I get so tired of having my hair done, and every day having to primp and curl, straigthen, tease the list goes on)…I had my husband shave my head! I LOVE IT! I feel free! My husband says it’s my head I can do what I want with it – he would love me no matter what. When I want to look absolutely ravishing when we go out to dinner, I donn a gorgeous wig! I can be anyone I want to be! Try it – it is freeing.

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