Are hair growth products really effective in treating hair loss? If the answer is yes, then why are many people, both men and women, still losing hair? The answer is simple: many people do not know how to solve their hair problems because they don’t know the root cause. They are unable to trace what causes hair loss or thinning  so that they can select the proper hair loss remedies for it.

Hair growth productsIn stimulating hair production one should be careful in applying hair growth products that really work and not just stick to one advice. So why do people lose hair as early as puberty stage? An average person sheds 30 to 50 hairs a day. More than that is a cause for concern. The common hair loss causes are androgenetic alopecia, traction alopecia, pregnancy, iron deficiency, thyroid anomalies, auto-immune diseases, scalp infections, menopause, poor nutrition, heredity, eating disorders, chemotherapy and stress.

One has to seek a doctor’s advice if he suspects excessive loss of hair. A dermatologist may spot the problem and cure it herself. If not, she can recommend the patient to other doctors for further examinations. If one experiences minor hair loss, it is also wise to visit a doctor. Wrong self-administration of hair growth products may cause more harm than good for either the scalp or for the hair.

Upon doctor’s orders, one may have a variety of options to choose from. Some of the easy and safe treatments are:

1) Hair loss remedies with Minoxidil. This is a hypertensive vasodilator medication which stops hair loss. This FDA approved ingredient is contained in most topical hair fall medicines for men and women. Among the most popular ones is Rogaine. This is one of the widely accepted products for hair loss but be forewarned that the intensity of minoxodil for women is much less than that for men. One has to be careful in applying this product because misuse can result to unwanted hair growth on other body parts. It may also cause eye irritation and itching around the treated area.

2) Hair growth products with Vitamin E. Not known to many, Vitamin E can be very beneficial to treating hair problems. It is an antioxidant that assists blood flow of the scalp. It comes out cheap since it may be found in various shampoos, conditioners, massage oils or even in gel capsules. Some other vitamins are also essential: Vitamin A, C, B, especially biotin for hair growth.

Hair loss remedies3) Natural hair loss treatments. Massaging the scalp with raw eggs is good for the scalp because the proteins from the eggs will stimulate hair growth. Using vinegar removes unnecessary clogs on the scalp and will then give way for new hairs to grow. Applying the gel of the aloe vera plant on the scalp for a period of time cleanses, conditions and maintains the pH balance of the scalp, thus helps in hair production. These are safe and effective treatments to regrow hair naturally.

4) Hair loss remedies with Castor oil. Aside from locking in moisture for the hair, this oil seeps through the hair shaft easily. This is also available in different products sold over the counter. However, one has to avoid overusing it if he/she has oily scalp.

Summing it up, there is a wide array of options to choose from. Whatever works for one person may not be good for another. The best advice is to choose not the most popular or expensive treatments, but those hair growth products that suit you at best.


Vitamins to regrow hairAt present vitamins to regrow hair have become very popular among people who suffer from thinning hair and excessive hair loss. And this is easy to understand, as quite often these balding men and women are those who are not able to supply their bodies with sufficient amounts of vitamins and nutrients.

The lack of essential nutrients and vitamins can actually interfere with the normal hair growth cycle which leads to the slowing or stopping of its growth. Vitamin deficiencies can also cause each strands of your hair to become dry and lifeless. This will make your hair more prone to breakage. To avoid these undesirable and unsightly things from happening to your hair, you should consider taking the vitamins that can help it restore its natural health and look fuller. The most popular of them are: Vitamin B, A and C.

One of the many effective vitamins to regrow hair is Vitamin B, particularly biotin. It is known to play a vital role in natural hair growth. When you take this type of vitamin, you will be helping your body produce sufficient amounts of proteins which are useful in making each of your hair strands stronger, thicker and healthier. The texture of each strand can also be expected to have an even healthier shine. In order for your body to receive sufficient amounts of the vitamin, you should try to incorporate in your diet foods that are rich in it. Among these foods are: wheat germ, liver, brewer’s yeast, eggs, potatoes, chicken, rice and oranges.

Vitamin A is also known to be effective in preventing excessive hair loss and hair thinning. It is capable of ensuring that the normal hair growth cycle is performed in an effective manner. However, you have to make sure that you supply your body with just the right amount of it to guarantee good results. Keep in mind that an excessive amount of this vitamin may cause your hair to be damaged. Because of this, you need to make sure that you take just the right amount of it directly from its sources like carrots, apricots, broccoli, spinach, fish liver oil, etc.

Vitamin C is also considered to be a major help when it comes to stimulating hair regrowth. Because it is rich in antioxidants, you can expect it to help support your hair when it comes to producing collagen. Collagen is known to play an important role in making your hair stronger and in preventing it from breakage. It also keeps a healthy immune system what is important for your total health. Considering all of these, it is no longer surprising why Vitamin C is referred by most people as one of the most essential vitamins to regrow hair.

Summing it up, hair loss negatively affects the overall appearance and the majority of balding women and men consider this problem to be devastating. Quite often it results from the lack of essential vitamins in our diet plan. Therefore, you have to start nourishing your hair by including more foods that are rich in Vitamin B, C, A and others. These vitamins are also widely available as dietary supplements in the form of tablets and powders. For many people this simple move works wonders and brings back health and natural shine to their hair.

Aloe Vera Hair RegrowthAloe vera is a short-stemmed plant about up to 1 meter tall with thick green leaves. It is sometimes called medicinal aloe. And that’s more than appropriate, as aloe vera has been associated with traditional medicine since ancient times. Due to its healing, soothing and moisturizing effect it has been used to treat various skin conditions such as cuts, burns, skin inflammations and infections, scrapes, etc. Aloe vera has become quite popular in organic cosmetics as well.

Though there are no thorough scientific studies, aloe vera has proven to be beneficial for many balding men and women. It can considerably improve the condition of one’s scalp and hair, as well as it is an effective natural hair loss treatment. Native Americans, Indians and Caribbeans have been using this product for many centuries to prevent hair loss and promote natural hair regrowth. And you can rarely see people of these cultures who are balding or have a poor hair condition.

Indeed, the properties of aloe vera make it a safe and effective remedy for natural hair regrowth:

  • Aloe vera increases blood circulation in the scalp and hair follicles;
  • It nourishes hair shafts and follicles with vitamins and minerals which are essential for hair growth;
  • It moisturizes the scalp and balances its pH level;
  • It has an antibacterial effect soothing skin inflammations and fighting excessive sebum production in the scalp.

Aloe vera as an effective solution for natural hair growth is often added into organic shampoos and conditioners. Basically, they are manufactured with the use of natural components and don’t contain alcohol, petroleum and other artificial additives. You can also make a natural shampoo with aloe vera on your own. Just mix some aloe vera gel or lotion with coconut milk and essential oil that you like (jojoba, almond, rose, etc.) and apply it on your scalp on a regular basis. It’s good to rub the shampoo in the scalp and keep it for some time to restore its pH level, increase blood circulation and promote natural hair regrowth.

You can also use aloe vera alone to treat hair thinning. Some believe that such use of the plant is more beneficial as you can get more out of its healing properties. This is more than true if you grow the plant at home instead of buying some commercial aloe vera product and take the fresh gel from its leaves just before you apply it. Use the gel on the balding areas of the scalp to regrow hair naturally. Aloe vera is also good for treating seborrhea, dandruff, psoriasis, scalp and hair dryness, so you will certainly want to apply it on your whole scalp and hair as well.

Below you will find some aloe vera for hair growth reviews. Also feel free to submit your feedback if you have also tried and had a success with this natural hair loss remedy.

Regrow Hair with Red PepperRed chili pepper has long been widely used in traditional medicine. Nowadays its extract is contained in quite a lot of products for detoxification, joint and muscle pain, fat burning and normal metabolism. Also red chili pepper is one of the most effective natural hair loss treatments. It contains alkaloid capsaicin, which improves blood circulation and stimulates insulin-like factors of hair growth. It’s effective for treatment of different types of alopecia and can be successfully used to regrow hair in both men and women.

One can reach good results with this pepper even if you just take it as a seasoning for your everyday meals. If for some reason spicy food is not recommended, one can apply this pepper directly on hair roots. A mixture of ground red pepper with a little olive oil is the simplest yet very effective hair loss mask. Rub this mixture into your scalp, put a cap, wrap a soft towel around your head and keep it for about 1 hour. Then rinse your hair.

You can prepare special oil for hair regrowth containing red chili pepper: Mix 25 oz. of ground pepper with 200 ml of olive oil and infuse it in a warm place for two weeks. You can also add to this mixture other ingredients with a warming effect such as ground cloves, mustard, black pepper and ginger.

Alcoholate with this pepper is even more effective than oil for hair regrowth mainly because capsaicin in alcoholate penetrates into the skin faster and easier. To make pepper alcoholate steep 30 grams of ground red pepper into 200 ml of alcohol (40-70%) and infuse it in a dark warm place for two weeks. You can mix this alcoholate with pepper oil prepared according to the previous recipe if you want. You can add essential oils to it if you wish. Oils of eucalyptus, lavender, cloves, orange, basil and cedar are particularly useful for natural hair regrowth.

You can also make a hair loss mask with red chili pepper and hot water. Mix about 30 grams of pepper powder with hot water to get creamy mass, rub the mask in hair roots and keep it for 1 hour.

One more old and effective recipe to regrow hair naturally is to mix pepper, salt and fresh onion juice and apply this mixture on your scalp. Unfortunately, this hair mask has unpleasant smell, which can remain even after thorough washing. But beauty requires sacrifice!

Nowadays one can buy special dietary supplements containing red pepper in their formula. They are also useful for natural hair regrowth because capsaicin improves blood circulation and stimulates insulin-like growth factors if taken both topically and orally.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is cayenne pepper good for hair?

Definitely! There’s many chili pepper benefits for hair.

  1. Since it has antibacterial properties, it will prevent scalp infection and, therefore, reduce hair loss. It is also rich in vitamins that prevent thinning of hair.
  2. Not only it combats hair loss, chili pepper is also very good for new hair growth. The mixture with olive oil has become one of the most popular natural treatments for hair regrowth these days.
  3. Cayenne pepper also contains antioxidants that will help you in case of graying of hair, especially if it happens prematurely. You can massage a mixture of pepper with curd for better results.
  4. Another benefit is that hot chili pepper helps cleanse your scalp. The mixture with some lemon juice absorbs excessive dirt in the scalp and restores your hair as well. It is also very effective for dandruff removal.

Will too much red chili pepper cause hair loss?

Because it contains capsaicin, in big amounts it acts as an inflammatory stimulus, i.e. may lead to excessive heat and even nerve inflammation. Therefore, it is quite possible that excessive consumption of pepper and capsaicin for a long duration may hinder hair growth and trigger the catagen stage of your hair.

Red hot chili pepper with olive oil — does it really work?

This popular mixture has been used for ages to regrow hair. In fact, it is one of the best and most affordable method to add shine and fullness to your head of hair. It improves blood circulation, cleanses and nourishes your scalp.

There’s a couple of useful recipes that you will want to try.

  1. Simply take one or two teaspoons of chili pepper with the same amount of olive oil. You will get a thick paste that you can apply on the receding and balding spots. You can rub or massage it for some time and leave it for about 15 minutes, then rinse your hair.
  2. Mix about 25 grams of dried chili pepper with 0.5l of olive oil and leave it for about ten days in a dark place. Then you can simply use this mixture just as any normal oil for your hair. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo afterwards.

For how long to keep red chili pepper in the scalp and hair?

You can apply a few table spoons of chili pepper oil on your scalp and the whole length of your hair for as long as 10 minutes up to one hour. If the burning sensation is too much, rinse it earlier.

Can I take chili pepper every day?

Sure, you can! Generally, it is very safe and healthy to eat it regularly. However, taking too much of pepper may lead to certain side effects, such as inflammation, stomach ache, allergy, heartburn, cough, etc.

It’s not a secret that each person loses up to a hundred hairs throughout the day. In spring and autumn, as well as during pregnancy hair begins to fall out more rapidly. As a matter of fact, the process is more pronounced in middle-aged men, young girls and older women.

If you note that you are losing more hair than usual, that your hair is getting thinner and thinner so that you can see receding hairline on your head, wrong metabolism may be among a possible cause of that.

Kombucha, a fermented tea known for its healing, normalizing, detoxifying and energizing properties, can be a great natural hair loss treatment in this case. It normalizes your metabolism, supplies your hair follicles with necessary nutrients, promotes regrowth of your hair and makes it stronger. In order to achieve this, it is recommended to drink a glass of kombucha mushroom tea during every meal within six to eight weeks. Additionally, you can massage the scalp with Kombucha infusion to reach better results.

If hair loss is not caused by hereditary predisposition or hormonal imbalance (DHT), most kombucha users note that their hair begins to grow more rapidly soon and that it gets considerably stronger and healthier.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s Kombucha?

Kombucha is an old traditional health drink, which is a fermentation of tea (black or green). It is also knows as tea mushroom, tea fungus, and more poetically ‘champagne of life’. Kombucha has been used for over 2 thousand years and it is often praised for its medicinal properties and health benefits. It refreshes your mind and cleanses your body. Kombucha helps restore your body’s PH balance and promote self-healing. There’s are claims that it is very good for your skin, beneficial for hair growth and can even treat cancer and HIV, however, there’s no real scientific evidence for that. Many people like it for its sweetened taste and drink it regularly.

What are the benefits of Kombucha tea?

  1. It makes you feel refreshed and energetic.
  2. It increases your body’s overall immunity.
  3. It has anti-bacterial and anti-septic qualities (helps fight microbes and harmful bacteria) due to acetic acid contained in it.
  4. Kombucha promotes hair growth.
  5. This drink is very beneficial for your skin.
  6. It is good for your liver, because of antioxidant properties.
  7. Kombucha can help you reduce weight, especially if it’s prepared with the use of green tea.
  8. It has anti-inflammatory properties and helps to soothe pain.
  9. The beverage helps keep your joints healthy.
  10. It reduces the risk of heart disease.
  11. Kombucha may reduce the risk of cancer.
  12. It prevents Type 2 diabetes and is helpful to manage it if you have one.
  13. Kombucha helps normalize high blood pressure.
  14. It restores PH-balance of your body and promotes rejuvenation.
  15. Since it contains probiotics, it improves your digestion, fights diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and other gastrointestinal disorders.

Why so many like Kombucha?

The short answer will be that people simply like the taste of it. They say, the taste is so original, fresh and natural that those who love it don’t even go for any other drink. Kombucha is also very healthy, because of its probiotic nature. Kombucha people are absolutely confident that they are drinking the healthiest thing in the world!

What does Kombucha taste like?

Well, it’s almost impossible to describe the taste of something one has never tried. How will you describe the taste of sugar to the person who has never taken it? We can only use the language of association and comparison. In this case, kombucha has a slightly biting taste with a strong flavor similar to an apple cider vinegar. Some people love the taste, others think it’s terrible. You should definitely try and decide for yourself. Kombucha is a real hit-or-miss!

Is it okay to drink Kombucha tea everyday?

The answer is yes! This amazing beverage has so many health benefits and virtually no side-effects, so you can take it whenever you want and as much as you want. Depending on your body you will possibly want to take it slow in the beginning and simply enjoy your kombucha on a daily basis further on. You can take it in the morning to boost your energy levels. You can have it throughout the day to satisfy your thirst or to take it with your meals. Some people even report having much better sleep whenever they drink kombucha at night time. Many athletes are used to have some kombucha before their workout to improve their performance, others prefer to drink it after the job is done to flush out toxins and reduce inflammation and tensions accumulated during workout. So it’s basically up to you!

Is Kombucha good for hair growth?

Most definitely yes! Apart from vitalizing and anti-oxidizing effects, kombucha contains several varieties of vitamin B, which are indispensable for producing new healthy hair. Whether you have hair loss, thinning hair or receding hairline, try kombucha and you will surely notice the difference in a while.

Can I rinse my hair with kombucha tea?

If you use this beverage not as a beverage but for the purpose of washing or rinsing your hair, you will be successfully removing the adverse residue of artificial hair-care products, almost like a natural vinegar. However, kombucha is more gentle on your hair than vinegar, although it is still very effective. Some apply kombucha as a hair tonic every time after shampoo. It is very useful for removing dandruff. Use it regularly for best results.

Is there any side-effects of Kombucha?

For most healthy adults kombucha is absolutely safe and side-effects are extremely rare. Drinking much of kombucha tea can make your stomach slightly upset, which goes away once you discontinue it. Usually this problem doesn’t even occur if you start with a small dosage of kombucha and gradually increase it day by day. However, if contaminated, this beverage can lead to allergy, jaundice (yellow skin), yeast infection, and nausea. To avoid that you should always check the quality of the product that you drink or follow hygienic recommendations if you prepare kombucha on your own.

Does Kombucha contain alcohol? Can I get drunk?

The process of metabolism and fermentation of kombucha usually produces some amount of alcohol, which is about 0.5%. This amount is too small to make you drunk anyway (it is 10 times less strong than a normal beer). Theoretically, you will have to drink really a lot of it just to feel slightly tipsy. With such a large amount of water most alcohol will simply bypass the bloodstream. Besides, kombucha also contains caffeine, which in its turn will counteract the feeling of being drunk. Practically, you will never want to drink that much of any liquid, since it can cause other sorts of problems.

I have gray hair. Will kombucha help?

Many kombucha lovers report that, yes, it can reverse graying hair and restore it. You can rinse you hair with kombucha tea, use it as a tonic or apply it in the form of hair mask, whatever suits you best. Don’t be afraid to experiment, it’s absolutely harmless, and the results will definitely follow.

Is Kombucha good for your skin?

Apart from being an an excellent detoxifier, it also nourishes and hydrates your skin, increases its elasticity and brightness. Some beauty specialists say that with kombucha you will literally glow: you skin tone and texture will noticeably improve. Even if you have wrinkles, kombucha may help reduce or remove them as well. Remember, this is not without a reason that it’s called ‘elixir of youth.’ No wonder, over the last few years, kombucha has been more and more often added to a variety of popular skincare products.

Does kombucha contain caffeine?

Because black or green tea is used to make kombucha, it will most certainly contain caffeine. However, properly prepared kombucha tea will have only a small amount of it. Averagely, it is about 3 times less the amount contained in normal tea that is is prepared from. For example, if tea with, say, 50mg of caffeine is used, you will get kombucha that will be around 15-20mg of caffeine. Kombucha based on green tea will have even less (around 2mg). Generally speaking, the quality and properties of the drink will differ in accordance with a huge variety of recipes and methods of preparation. In other words, you can control the amount of caffeine in your kombucha through different choices and methods up to the point that you can get even a decaffeinated version!

Can I drink kombucha during pregnancy?

You should know that the process used to make this drink also results in some amount of alcohol in it, which is around 0.5%, but sometimes it may exceed this number. Although, this is a very tiny percentage, almost negligible, it is generally believed, that NO amount of alcohol is good for pregnancy and growing fetus. So it’s best to avoid drinking kombucha tea while you are expecting a baby.

Will too much kombucha bring negative effect?

It’s not a secret that people tend to overdo things, and, as you know, too much of anything is never good for you. Especially when we talk about eating or drinking habits. However, it’s almost impossible to drink too much kombucha tea, just as it’s extremely hard and unjustified to drink too much of water – your body will simply tell you to stop. Nevertheless, if you are really interested in what may happen, please refer to side-effects section of this FAQ.