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It is much easier to stop hair loss and regrow your hair if you follow some simple rules of everyday hair care.

  • Remember that your hair is what you eat. There’s food that contains all nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are necessary for your hair (fish, nuts, meat, eggs, fruits, vegetables, milk, rice, etc.). Avoid food that doesn’t feed but poisons your organism and makes your hair suffer (tea, coffee, alcohol and so on). Unfortunately, the majority of modern civilized people prefer food that is far from being healthy.
  • One of the main things to stop hair loss is good blood circulation in the scalp, that can be achieved with the help of massage.
  • Comb your hair not less than 2 times a day.
  • Wash your hair not less than 2 times a week with a good shampoo.
  • Wash your hair according to the following principle: cover your head with shampoo 2-3 times and wash it off first with warm water then with cold water to stimulate blood circulation.
  • Dry your hair with the use of your hands and a warm towel. It is recommended to do it outdoors in sunlight.
  • Your comb should have even and smooth teeth.
  • A brush should have stiff and long bristle to make good blood circulation in the headskin. A soft-bristled brush is used to make hair shiny.
  • If your hair is dry you can rub egg-white into the headskin before covering it with shampoo. Also you can rub nut, olive or castor oil into the scalp one hour before washing your hair. Essential oils can also be used. You can rub in oils before sleep.
  • Bathing in the sea has a very positive effect for your hair. But don’t forget to rinse it with sweet water.
  • Walk bare-headed as often as possible. Wind, rain, snow and sunlight stimulate hair growth. Don’t be afraid to catch a cold walking with an uncovered head. You will make yourself fit.
  • Don’t put beauty above health! Some women don’t comb their hair for days because they are afraid to spoil their hair-do that they made in this or that beauty shop or salon. All this creates terrible conditions for hair and they start to drop out.
  • Find some time for relaxation. Even 10 minutes a day of lying on some incline or just on the floor creates blood inflow to the scalp that brings nutrients to your hair.
  • It is necessary to have deep and sound sleep to restore your body’s ability for everyday activity.
  • Consult a dermatologist before dyeing your hair.
  • Never use metallic hair-curlers as they make hair brittle.
  • Using hair spray is not recommended. As a last resort, use the least toxic hair spray and in the smallest amount.
  • Cutting your hair can be very useful, especially in case of splitting ends.
  • At present many modern men and women prefer to wear short hair styles. Of course, they cause less trouble: it is easy and fast to wash and dry it. But what can be more impressive than long, strong and thick hair! If you have such hair give it more freedom. Don’t braid and plait or tie it up. Let it flow and shine with health!
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10 thoughts on “Basic rules to care for your scalp and hair

  1. walk bare headed as often as possible……….wind, rain, snow and sunlight stimulate hair growth.

  2. Very interesting. I’ll try leaving my scalp exposed tot he sun when I lay outside.

  3. The blood circulation seems vital, I notice that my forehead- where my hairline has and still is receding, isn’t anywhere near as elastic as the back or sides, go figure?

    When I massage my scalp, I notice that it’s really hard to pinch a good amount of skin together for it to lump up, like forehead creases do when you raise your eyebrows or frown!

    My already bolded areas of my scalp are tight, and where it would further recede, almost as tight.
    Hairloss companies are full of themselves, and you can’t blame them, their in it for the money, and or they really have no idea on how to stop and reverse the signs of hairloss.

    I’m going to share a private, and embarrassing clue for everyone who’s balding.

    I used to masturbate 3 times a day, and soon I began to loose my hairline to hairloss, and I also now have a genital that has hair all up along the shaft…FROM ALL THE BLOOD THAT WAS BEING PUMPED DOWN THERE!

    Stop masturbating is my suggestion, and also focus on trying to (masturbate) your scalp, in other words you should do the opposite of what your doing now and try to get the blood flowing up there and not down there…

    I speak only truth, make of it whatever you want, but just keep in mind that I’m just sharing a little something most people would never admit or talk about, and it could very well be a factor in hair loss.


  4. tell me the best and cheapest way to regrow hair.I am losing hair on front portion of my head very fastly.

  5. abhi shukla

    Oh, you are… Unfortunately, there isn’t such a way. I mean, they work differently with different people and sometimes you should try a bunch of them to find out the best. All those natural hair loss treatments and hair regrowth methods that we write about on this website are not expensive, but it’s quite a problem to say how effective they are for each person.

  6. how do you take care of an itchy scalp…. i have no dandruff but im losing hair and itching a lot which aparrantlty is causing my scalp to bleed.

  7. Remember, scalp irritation and itching is a symptom of some infectious or non-infectious abnormal condition of the head skin. Consult the trichologist and find out the cause of it before taking care of anything. Fight the cause, not the consequence (symptom).

  8. You will want to read this if you are a skimmer. it has many very important tips that most people do not know or have any idea of.

    holy shit; you have to have some of the best tips I have ever seen on how to keep your hair healthy but I noticed that you did not take into consideration conditioners or leave in conditioner. I have had mild success with cholesterol and other conditioners. This is of course all marketed to those who wish to regrow hair follicles and have a healthy scalp for the facilitation of healthy and likely (hopefully) thick hair but what about the ends and strands of the hair? I have noticed that all hair have some distinct characteristics. For instance; if you rune your finger tips up a piece of your hair you will notice friction but when you run it down a piece of hair you notice a smooth surface leading me to the conclusion that the more you put your hair up the more damage is liable to occur. Also the way your hair gets split ends is it dries out and becomes brittle and begins to split and crack and break off. If you have split ends it means one or probably more of a couple of things. Your hair will grow out of your scalp at the same rate it normally does but your hair will begin to gain length less quickly and if it gets bad enough you could begin to loose length. It could mean that your hair tangles more causing unintentional damage due to the separation process which could cause you to have less length and more problems overall if you are trying to grow it out. If you have a naturally wavy-curly hair type it may cause split ends and damage to happen at uneven lengths and split ends will be more difficult to eliminate. I have a very rare hair type, never seen another person with the same natural hair type as myself but I do know that very naturally tangly hair that is not thick in strand could really have problems at the ends and in separation with like a brush or comb which brings me to just that. Brushes are only to be used when you have dry hair NO ARGUEMENTS!!! It is normally not a good idea to ever use a brush on your hair when it is wet! Combs should be used on your hair starting from the ends and working your ways up. If you have just taken a shower, COMB YOUR HAIR unless you have an afro or something impossible or too difficult to comb. When your hair is wet it gets tangly which is why you want to comb your hair when you get out of the shower. When your hair is wet and it drys it royally screws your hair over and causes many many splits and tangles and brittleness. if you want to stop not only tangles but your hair from sticking together you have to shower more often than you probably do and you really should use an oily conditioning that goes ONLY ON YOUR ENDS that does not stick your hair strands and ends together but helps not only to keep your ends from the cold air but from sticking together. It is also a really good idea to wash everything your hair and head come in contact with on a regular basis to prevent unwanted oil from getting on your scalp when your hair should just be growing instead of being hindered like in the scalp area. If you have a strong desire to grow your hair HEALTHILY past your shoulders and it isn’t happening you need to do all this stuff which reminds me that your hair will be just fine growing to your shoulders normally but the likelyhood of your hair getting split ends is greater the longer it grows and somehow the taller you are. I found out that if you are taller than most people your hair may get more spit ends due to the cold air on your ends. It is a weird thing to consider but it is highly likely truthful. Also there are all sorts of conditioners that you put in your hair to stimulate scalp growth and hydrate the ends of your hair but not many of then effectively do either one of those two things. It is rare to have something that does both but worth finding if you can afford it and want to spend the extra time with it in your hair and then rinse it out. Know, by the way, that no conditioner will simply remover split ends or repair really messed up damage like burns or other things I am sure

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