Devin GreenfieldGreetings, friends! My name is Devin Greenfield and I’m the owner of I’m also the chief contributor and editor of it. A father of two beautiful daughters, a seasoned traveller and a passionate photographer, I also happen to be an enthusiast of alternative and natural healing methods. Since 2007 this website has become a comprehensive source of invaluable information about hair loss and I’m glad that my experience and expertise has helped thousands of people to successfully regrow their hair. In case you have any questions or seek personal advice, feel free to contact me, I’m always willing to help.

The mission of

regrow-hair.orgTo some extent or other we are all anxious about our appearance. Smooth, clean skin, healthy white teeth and accurate hair-do draw much more attention than a fashionable suit or expensive watch and ornaments. Healthy, long, strong and shining hair has always been every woman’s pride. Silky and stylishly cut hair makes every man more handsome and masculine. But unfortunately, at present hair loss has become a real headache of a great number of contemporary men or women.

Pathological hair loss (baldness or alopecia) is one of the most difficult problems of aesthetic medicine. Hair grows and drops out during the whole life of a person. It is quite normal that a person daily loses hair (approximately from 50 up to 150), and this daily hair loss is constantly restored. But in case of pathological hair loss lost hair is never regrown.

Both men and women are subjected to hair loss but men usually losses hair 5 times more intensely. Statistics say that about one third of men of thirty suffer from loss of hair. At the age of about fifty it’s already a half of men losing hair. And among eighty-year-old men those who experience the problem of alopecia constitute 80 %. Women also suffer from loss of hair. More than 50 % of women face this problem during their life. Men’s hair loss is connected first of all with genetic causes, whereas women lose hair because of hormonal, seasonal and emotional factors.

hair loss in men and womenWith our hasty pace of life we often have emotional strains and stresses. We don’t have time to pay attention to our nutrition that’s in many cases is poor in vitamins and minerals which are necessary for normal body growth. All these tell negatively on the state of our hair. To say nothing of contaminated air, various infections and skin diseases.

Dramatically enough, more and more people (men, as well as women) are not satisfied with their hair condition. How to regrow hair is a question to which millions of people seek the answer.

So if you have:

  • intense hair loss,
  • baldness (partial or nested),
  • damage of hair structure (fragile, splitting, dry, dim hair),
  • dandruff,
  • seborrhea, dermatitis of head skin,
  • weakened and unhealthy hair after irradiation, chemotherapy, antibiotics and hormonal therapy,

then you have come to the right place. The How to Regrow Hair website has been developed to help you find the proper solution and regrow your hair. Remember, every man is gifted with strong and healthy hair from birth. We will help you to regain this gift.

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