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  1. Put your right hand finger-tips softly but tightly on the temporal artery on the level of the lobe of the right ear. Move your fingers upwards slightly pushing the skin until the level of the highest ear-point. By doing so you make the blood flow move in the artery to the scalp.
  2. Keep your fingers pressed to the artery to prevent blood outflow.
  3. Use the left-hand fingers to do the same movement until you touch the right-hand fingers.
  4. Keep your left-hand fingers pressed to the artery and repeat the same movement with your right-hand fingers. Repeat these actions several times. Always start pushing below first before you slacken your fingers above.
  5. The fifth step is the most important one. While keeping your left hand pressed put your right-hand fingers in the middle between the crown of the head and the left-hand fingers. With pushing start moving them until they meet the left-hand fingers.

Then repeat the same 5 steps on the left-side temporal artery starting with the left hand.

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7 thoughts on “5 steps of massage to regrow hair

  1. Hey, I’ve heard about this type of massage before, where you trap the blood in the scalp during the massage. But, I can never visualize these directions. Can anyone give me a visual representation of how to do all 5 steps correctly?

  2. I found this massage to be very helpful.I also would like to add to the massage is that you can increase a little bit more blood to the head by doing in while you are on your tummy on BED with the head sticking off the bed kind of like letting your head drop a little so that more blood will come UP. I do feel more blood and IT does help. In my case at least. Thanks for all your tips.

  3. What an in depth knowledge you have. But, at first one should know the location of the temporal artery.

  4. This seems really interesting and i’d like to be able to do it but the directions are very unclear to me. I understand step 1 and 2, but with the addition of the left hand i’m completely lost. Does the left hand work on the left side and proceed to meet the right hand that is waiting on right side just above the highest ear point or is it moving on the right side following the path that the right hand just moved along. Basically I find everything in steps 3, 4, and 5, to be very unclear.

  5. Thanks for the information, interesting tip. I have actually tried to combine this technique while I use Hewley’s L-Carnitine Shampoo and Saw Palmetto Conditioner….I’ll report back, but regardless, it is a nice way of making my scalp feel great.

  6. George,

    I think there’s some inaccuracy in step 2. You should use not exactly your fingers pressed to the artery but rather the lower thumb area of the palm to make your fingers meet on the top of your head in further steps.

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