Scalp warming-up can also be quite useful if you want to regrow hair. Actually it is something that should be done before massage. It is recommended to warm up your scalp by pressing on the head skin with your palms and making circular movements. You should do it until every part of the scalp is elastic and moves easily. You can also make the scalp softer and more relaxed by using castor or olive oil.
Then gradually turn to more energetic warming-up. Petrissage and tingling are very effective to stimulate hair growth. Intense but careful pulling does the same thing. Strand by strand pull your hair through your fingers.
Remember, you can’t have healthy hair if you can’t make your scalp relaxed and elastic. First, it will be very sensitive to your warming-ups and massage, but later it will get used to your touch and you will be able to turn to more energetic exercises.

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