Short overview. ProFollica is a 3-part complex of oral and topical treatments for men and women, which includes a shampoo, a gel, and a nutritional supplement. Based on all-natural ingredients that are essential for hair recovery, ProFollica has no side effects and is available without prescription. Visit ProFollica Website

User Satisfaction. Almost 90% of ProFollica users have been satisfied with the results that they achieved with the product.

Whom Intended for? ProFollica’s formulation works both for men and women.

When to Expect Results? A large number of users reported that ProFollica helped them reduce or stop hair loss in 2-3 weeks. New hair is usually grown in 6 months of continuous treatment.

Main Ingredients. The formulation of ProFollica is based on herbal extracts and naturally-derived substances that block dihydrotestosterone (DHT), nourish hair follicles, and increase blood circulation in the scalp. They include: Gingko Biloba, Salvia Sclarea extract, Kigelia Africana extract, Cinnamomum Zeylanicum extract, Ginseng.

How to Use? Use ProFollica shampoo to wash your hair every morning. Massage ProFollica activator gel into the scalp and leave it for the rest of the day. Take oral supplement once a day with a meal to avoid an upset stomach.

Precautions. There are no special precautions. ProFollica’s ingredients comply with safety requirements of Food and Drug Administration. No drug interactions of clinical importance were identified. ProFollica is safe to use with colored, permed hair, or chemically treated hair.

Any Side Effects? No side effects have been reported by ProFollica users.

Prescription Required? ProFollica is sold over the counter and no prescription is needed.

Package Options and Price. You can order from 1 to 5 ProFollica kits. Each kit is a one month supply which includes ProFollica Shampoo, Activator Gel, and Nutritional Supplement. 5 kit option is the most money-saving.

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  1. Thank you for such an effective product! About half a year ago I started noticing a thinning area in the crown of my hair. I really didn’t know what to do about it and what kind of treatment to apply. After reading lots of reviews and testimonials I, with the helf of my caring wife, left my choice on Profollica. What we really liked about Profollica was that it offered an all-natural and complex approach to treating hair loss. And really, as a two-month Profollica user I have already noticed a big difference! And I’m sure there will be more progress soon.

    dean s. said on September 3, 2010 #

  2. Hi! I’m a long-term Profollica user, and a happy one. This is a great triple treatment that is perfect for my hair, just great results!


    Hunny-Bunny said on October 8, 2010 #

  3. I bought Profollica as a birthday present for my mother. She has been using the whole complex (shampoo, gel, supplement) already for four months and I think she’s got wonderful results. Her two sisters paid us a visit a couple of days ago. They were amazed how she looked and they also got very interested in Profollica. The most important thing is that my mother feels so much better about herself now. Thank you for this wonderful product!

    Steve said on October 11, 2010 #

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