how to regrow hairCombine massage with deep breathing to regrow hair more effectively. It is most practicable to do it out of doors in the park or forest. At a pinch do it by the open window.
Take a deep breath and hold it while bending your body in the waist. Your head should be placed as close to the floor as possible. Preserving this position put your fingers on the lower part of your neck and push the blood flow forward in the temporal artery as we suggested in the 5 steps of massage to regrow hair. When your fingers are above your ears use the whole palm to do massage of the scalp.
Take the original position, remove your hands from tour head and resume breathing. Do it with ease and without unnecessary movements. Repeat the whole exercise 5-10 times. Eventually increase the number of repetitions up to 30 times. A very energetic massage in the very beginning can do harm as the head skin is weakened and vulnerable. Don’t hurt your scalp. Its healing may take a long time before you will be able to turn to massage again.

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