Keep your head always clean as cleanness brings life to your hair. Water and a suitable shampoo can stop hair loss and facilitate hair regrowth.

Hair loss treatmentTime is money and we all hate to waste it. But as a matter of fact, our hair requires much more care than we think. Keeping hair and the scalp clean is much difficult than any other part of our body, as it takes rather a lot of time to wash our hair thoroughly. Dirt, sweat, fat that accumulate on our head stuff follicles and prevent natural hair growing, and it tells negatively on the state of health of our hair. In course of time without proper care and thorough washing it becomes weak and dim. The only way to keep hair clean is to wash it with water and a proper shampoo. Remember, washing will never bring harm to your hair. It doesn’t dry the scalp and it doesn’t slow down hair growth. It can’t cause dandruff either.

What’s very important about washing your hair is that it is not only the hair but also the scalp that should be thoroughly washed. Each hair grows out of a small hole in the headskin that needs to be kept clean. Otherwise it becomes clogged with dirt, dust and dandruff.

Before washing your head you should comb and massage it to remove dead hair and make the scalp smooth.

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3 thoughts on “Clean head – no hair shed

  1. Great post. There was one point that I got from this and after being a hairdresser for many years was where you say to comb and massage your hair BEFORE washing. It makes sense to do this and something I was never shown during my apprenticeship.

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