The Simplest Way To Regrow Your Hair Naturally

Be tender & careful with your hair

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“They say it’s usefull to wash wash weak hair under a strong water sheet (what is often called water massage) and then to rub it with a rough towel. Is that true?”

It’s true for those who don’t have problems with their hair. Strong water sheet will bring even more harm to damaged, overdried and fragile hair. The same with hair loss. It is better to wash weakened hair in a basin and to wash out shampoo while taking a light shower. Rinse hair with herbal extracts, beer or water with a small amount of lemon juice.

In case of hair loss use only a soft towel to rub your head. Your movements should not be rough and energetic, but light and caring. After all it’s you hair.

The Most Effective Natural Hair Loss Treatment

Supernutritious hair mask to regrow your hair after travelling

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“After travelling to the sea my hair loses its healthy state and attraction for a long time. It becomes thin, fragile and disobedient. I can’t arrange it even with hair sprays. And the worst thing is that I start losing hair and it lasts long enough to get frustrated.”

A supernutritious hair mask will surely be of great help for your hair overdried by the Sun and damaged by ultraviolet rays and salty water. Reduce a fleshy aloe leaf to peices, mix it with a tablespoon of honey, the same amount of castor oil and one yolk. Add a teaspoon of cognac to the mix. It is necessary apply this masque weekly before washing your hair. Keep it on your head for not less than one hour and a half, having wrapped a towel or a napkin around it and put a warm hat.

In autumn it is very useful to rinse your brittle hair with beer mixed half-and-half with boiled water.Use shampoos with almond or nut oil, nettle or burdock extract for hair that looks dry and lifeless.

And never use hair sprays on thinning hair. The hardened spray makes numerous breaks on hair what eventually leads to drastic hair loss.

The Most Effective Natural Hair Loss Treatment

Splitting ends and hair restoration in fall

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“My hair splits heavily in fall. I heard, there are many special treatments to restore splitting ends. How to chose the most suitable and effective ones among this variety of hair restoration treatments, cures and remedies?”

It is impossible to restore hair ends that are already splitted. But you can make it unnoticeable by means of special gels for hair arranging. It works as though you stick together parts of splitting ends. Sounds quite good but always remember – such effect will last only until the next hair washing.

The only proved and the most effective way to restore your hair is to have splitting ends cut. Having cut your damaged hair ends, try to take a special care of your hair.

Never wash hair inclined to fragility and splitting with concentrated shampoos. Dissolve a little shampoo with water (better mineral or boiled) and put it on your scalp and hair with circular movements of your your fingers.

It is necessary to wash (or at least to rinse) weak and splitting hair with boiled water, bacause chlorinated tap water dries hair along the full length what makes the situation much worse.

The Most Effective Natural Hair Loss Treatment

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