The Simplest Way To Regrow Your Hair Naturally

Combining massage with deep breathing

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how to regrow hairCombine massage with deep breathing to regrow hair more effectively. It is most practicable to do it out of doors in the park or forest. At a pinch do it by the open window.
Take a deep breath and hold it while bending your body in the waist. Your head should be placed as close to the floor as possible. Preserving this position put your fingers on the lower part of your neck and push the blood flow forward in the temporal artery as we suggested in the 5 steps of massage to regrow hair. When your fingers are above your ears use the whole palm to do massage of the scalp.
Take the original position, remove your hands from tour head and resume breathing. Do it with ease and without unnecessary movements. Repeat the whole exercise 5-10 times. Eventually increase the number of repetitions up to 30 times. A very energetic massage in the very beginning can do harm as the head skin is weakened and vulnerable. Don’t hurt your scalp. Its healing may take a long time before you will be able to turn to massage again.

The Most Effective Natural Hair Loss Treatment

5 steps of massage to regrow hair

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  1. Put your right hand finger-tips softly but tightly on the temporal artery on the level of the lobe of the right ear. Move your fingers upwards slightly pushing the skin until the level of the highest ear-point. By doing so you make the blood flow move in the artery to the scalp.
  2. Keep your fingers pressed to the artery to prevent blood outflow.
  3. Use the left-hand fingers to do the same movement until you touch the right-hand fingers.
  4. Keep your left-hand fingers pressed to the artery and repeat the same movement with your right-hand fingers. Repeat these actions several times. Always start pushing below first before you slacken your fingers above.
  5. The fifth step is the most important one. While keeping your left hand pressed put your right-hand fingers in the middle between the crown of the head and the left-hand fingers. With pushing start moving them until they meet the left-hand fingers.

Then repeat the same 5 steps on the left-side temporal artery starting with the left hand.

The Most Effective Natural Hair Loss Treatment

Scalp warming-up and hair regrowth

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Scalp warming-up can also be quite useful if you want to regrow hair. Actually it is something that should be done before massage. It is recommended to warm up your scalp by pressing on the head skin with your palms and making circular movements. You should do it until every part of the scalp is elastic and moves easily. You can also make the scalp softer and more relaxed by using castor or olive oil.
Then gradually turn to more energetic warming-up. Petrissage and tingling are very effective to stimulate hair growth. Intense but careful pulling does the same thing. Strand by strand pull your hair through your fingers.
Remember, you can’t have healthy hair if you can’t make your scalp relaxed and elastic. First, it will be very sensitive to your warming-ups and massage, but later it will get used to your touch and you will be able to turn to more energetic exercises.

The Most Effective Natural Hair Loss Treatment

Scalp massage helps to regrow hair

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Like brushing your teeth scalp massage should become your everyday ritual. In the morning when you wake up as well as in the evening before you go to bed. Scalp massage improves blood circulation and stimulates hair growth. It relaxes the head skin and prevents its degeneration. As a result, it prevents hair loss and helps to regrow hair. Together with good nutrition and hair hygiene scalp massage is the best non-medical method to make your hair strong, healthy and luxuriant. Remember your hair is like an orchard and you should persistently take care of it to finally taste its fruits.
Massage can help to solve the hair loss problem nearly always if it is not caused by some internal disorder.
Scalp massage consists of rubbing, tingling, percussion. It should be applied first of all to the crown of the head and its sides where the skin fits the skull most tightly. You can use special appliances but human fingers are always preferable.
Massage is very effective before washing your hair. Begin doing massage with energetic circular movements pressing on the head skin. Move your palms and fingers forward and backward, upward and downward until every part of the scalp is soft and flexible. Then use a rigid brush to remove dirt, dust and discharge. Then wash your hair.

The Most Effective Natural Hair Loss Treatment

Regrow hair with a comb and brush

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Combing one’s hair can definitely be an effective assistant while treating the problem of hair loss. Therefore, if you want to regrow hair and make it strong and healthy you should learn to comb it properly.
First, let’s speak of the choice of combs. Naturally, each family member should have a separate one for his or her own use. The comb-teeth should be blunt and smooth. If they are sharp you can scratch and hurt your scalp. Don’t use metal combs with thick teeth as they tear and break hair. Combs with blunt and smooth teeth a preferable also from a hygienic point of view as they can be cleaned easily.
You can also use a brush. The brush-bristle should be rigid enough but at the same time it should not hurt your skin. For the best result you can use two types of brushes: one with a quite rigid bristle to remove dirt and dandruff and stimulate your head-skin; the other with a rather soft bristle to make your hair even and lustrous.
Now let’s turn to the process itself. The most important thing here is to make blood freely flow and circulate in the scalp. It cleans hair bulbs, feeds and revitalizes them. For this purpose you should stand up with legs widely separated, knees slightly bended, the body a bit tilted to make your head lower the heart level. Comb your hair leading the comb or the brush from the scalp to the tips of your hair to clean the head-skin from dirt and dandruff and remove dead hair. Careful twitching will help to stimulate and relax the scalp. Long and thick hair should be patiently combed little by little, strand by strand.
Follow this simple tips if you want to strive against hair loss and regrow hair. It is not a quick fix, of course, but in course of time the result will be evident, for sure.

The Most Effective Natural Hair Loss Treatment

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